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Fishing moratorium ends, Maoming fishermen restart fishing in South China Sea

2017-August-16       Source: Newsgd.com

Accompanied by resonant clarino and firecrackers, over 1000 fishing-boats berthing at Bohe Port set sail towards the vast sea at the same time this noon (August 16).

About Maoming

Located in the southwestern coast of Guangdong Province, Maoming is now an important center of industry, business, tourism and agriculture in west Guangdong with superb location, agreeable climate, abundant resources and beautiful scenery.

A fisherman carries sea products to the seaside in Maoming on August 16, 2017. [Photo by Sam Huang]

As early as over 1500 years ago, Lady Xian, the most acclaimed and legendary female hero in Gaoliang (currently Maoming), had already established trade contacts with nations in the Southeast Asia through Maritime Silk Road. This was about 700 years earlier than Venetian merchant traveler Marco Polo’s visits to China through the Silk Road in the Yuan dynasty and over 800 years earlier than famed Chinese explorer Zheng He’s expeditionary voyages to Southeast Asia in the Ming dynasty.

Link: Lady Xian: the First Heroine of China

In 1919, Sun Yat-sen once planned nine commercial ports on the coast of Chinese mainland in his book “The International Development of China”, one of which is Bohe Port.

Maoming has 182-kilometer coastline in the South China Sea and multiple deepwater ports that enjoy exceptional advantage, such as Bohe Port, Shuidong Port, and Bohe New Port. In 2016, Maoming Binhai New Area MSR site was listed as one of the Top 10 Maritime Silk Road landmarks in Guangdong.

Link: Top 10 Maritime Silk Road landmarks in Guangdong

Local people buy seafood from fishermen at the seaside in Maoming on August 16, 2017. [Photo by Sam Huang]

Taking the opportunity of the fishing festival, Maoming is further promoting to the world its historical and cultural brands “Maoming Binhai New Area MSR site” and “Lady Xian’s culture”, as well as its coastal and cultural tourism brand. And its deepwater port Bohe New Port will join in the China-Malaysia port alliance, accelerating Maoming’s participate in the construction of the Belt and Road.

It is worth mentioning that Maoming is running for cities of “Charming China” organized by CCTV, showcasing its charm to the whole country and inviting all to visit the beautiful costal city Maoming.

Link: 2016 Bohe Fishing Festival offers delicacies, beautiful sceneries, fun and romance

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Editor: Monica Liu

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