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Summertime getaway: enjoy beach, spa and fruits in Maoming

2016-July-6       Source: Newsgd.com

You can find different joy in a host of choices for entertainment in this leisure coastal city located in southwestern Guangdong.

How about a two-day trip to Maoming at the weekend this summer? You can find different joy in a host of choices for entertainment in this leisure coastal city located in southwestern Guangdong. Most of all, we strongly recommend you to enjoy its beach, spa and fruits this summer.

The No. 1 Shoal of China Vacation Area (中国第一滩旅游度假区)

Hailed as “the Oriental Hawaii”, the No. 1 Shoal of China Vacation Area is one of the top destinations for all visitors in Maoming. The Vacation Area consists of sea bathing area, sea sports area, sea vacation area, and central square. It provides programs like sea bathing, sun bathing, sea sports, beach volleyball, barbecue, karaoke, entertainment infrastructures, and holiday convalescence.

Why is it referred to as the No. 1 Shoal of China?

First, it has the first longest coast protection forest belt in China. The forest belt has a total length of over 80 kilometers.

Second, the Fangji Island eight sea mile away from the Shoal is the first diving tourism base in China planned by National Tourism Administration. Waters around Fangji Island enjoy the highest transparency in China.

Third, it has a silver beach with blue sea 12 kilometers long and about 300 meters wide. The weather here is pleasant, the seawater is sparkling and crystal-clear, and it can hold about 100,000 people at a time for swimming and sightseeing.

Admission: Free

Best time to visit: May to October

Parking: 10 yuan per hour, or 30 yuan per day

Add.: Haibin Second Road, Dianbai District, Maoming (about 25 km from downtown Maoming)

Yushui Ancient Hot Spring (御水古温泉)

“Under the stone mountain, beside the ancient road, there were hot springs from place to place. The water seemed to be boiling, and it did not stop regardless of the seasons. In ancient times, many officials and gentlemen were attracted to come here, gathering around the hot springs, writing poems, drinking and singing. Their works have been preserved until this time.” This historical material talks about Yushui Ancient Hot Spring, where we recommend you to visit in Maoming.

After three years of development, Yushui Ancient Hot Spring Tourist Resort is finalized with an area of 333,333 m² as well as construction and management that are up to the standards of four–star hotels. This resort features accommodation, catering, entertainment, conference, training and shopping that is ideal for traveling, vacation tourism and relaxation. It is currently the largest and best-equipped hot spring and ancient culture theme hotel with the soundest management and most personalized service.

Opening Hours: 8:00 – 0:00

Admission: RMB 118 per ticket (for adults)

Add.: Reshui Village, Magang Town, Dianbai County, Maoming City, Guangdong Province

Litchi [Photo/Southern Metropolis Daily]

In Maoming, you can not miss several tasty fruits, litchi, longan, plum and mango. They are the highlights of this summer. In recent years, Maoming has been committed to developing its agriculture as well as ecotourism. Fruit and vegetable farms become tourist destination for visitors. Summer is the harvest season for various kinds of fruits in Maoming. Many towns launch fruit picking trips for visitors, such as litchi picking in Genzi Town of Gaozhou county-level city, longan picking in Shatian Town of Gaozhou, and plum picking in Qianpai Town of Xinyi county-level city.

Click here to read more about farm tours in Maoming.

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The romantic and beautiful Fangji Island in Maoming

The first theme park in downtown Maoming

(By Xiangyue, Monica)

Editor: Monica Liu

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