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Guangzhou expats provided with better services

2018-March-20       Source: Newsgd.com

In recent years, China’s standing on the world stage has continuously improved.

Professional legal consulting service

What if you have a contract dispute when renting a house? How to protect your rights and interests when having problems with your loans? If expats encounter such problems, they might be very helpless.

Guy awarded the pennant which read “For solving problems for foreigners. For demonstrating great power of China” to Liede police station

Guy, from Venezuela, now lives on Liede Street - the heart of Zhujiang New Town. He was drawn into a loan dispute before, and his family suffered harassment for a long time. Fortunately, with the help of the Community Office of Foreigners Assistance Liede Street, Guy received the assistance of a professional lawyer, Xie Qingyu.

After graduating from Ji’nan University as a law major, Xie furthered her studies in the UK. During her internship at a UK law firm, Xie witnessed the helplessness of Chinese people living in the UK when facing legal disputes, either because of poor economic conditions or perhaps lack of legal knowledge. After returning to Guangzhou, she decided to do everything she can to help foreigners solve their legal problems. “I hope that foreigners in China can feel tcare and support from the Chinese government” she said.

By chance, Xie reached a agreement with the Community Office of Foreigner Assistance Liede Street to provide foreigners with some simple legal advice free of charge. If there are foreigners who need help, the staff there will give them Xie’s number.

Since November 2015, Xie Qingyu has handled about 30 legal cases involving civil and commercial case litigation, criminal defense, and equity purchases, among which lease disputes are the most common ones. Xie is well known among the foreign communities living in Guangzhou, and now more and more expats turn to her for help.

Xie said that she is willing to make more contributions to help expats have a better understanding of Chinese law and regulations. In this way, expats would tend to find themselves to be more compliant with laws and regulations.

Editor: Keane Wong

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