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Guangzhou expats provided with better services

2018-March-20       Source: Newsgd.com

In recent years, China’s standing on the world stage has continuously improved.

Calling for more participation

As China takes its place in the spotlight, Guangzhou has been promoting the construction of the “three centers and one system” (namely, international shipping center, international logistics center, international trade center, and modern financial service system). Economic development has led to the flow of population, and the number of expats residing in Guangzhou has been steadily increasing.

With this in mind, how to do a better job of managing and serving expats is a major issue facing central cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Zou Bo, a researcher at the Management Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences, said that in recent years, Guangzhou has explored many ways of strengthening the management of foreigners and achieved positive results, but that there is room for improvement.

Zou suggested that to cope with the needs of national and regional development and the actual needs of foreign residents, it is necessary for Guangzhou’s government to formulate rules and regulations concerning the management of services for foreigners, and to specify the work of each relevant department. At the same time, social forces should be better mobilized to attract social organizations to participate in the provision of standardized and professional service, in order to promote better social governance.

Author | Liangguang Hu,Xiaoyue Wang,Yichong Zhong,Wenhui Tan,Ziduo Yang

Translator | Xinyi Tao, Tian Tian

Editor | Simon Haywood, Keane

Editor: Keane Wong

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