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Guangzhou expats provided with better services

2018-March-20       Source: Newsgd.com

In recent years, China’s standing on the world stage has continuously improved.

Expats enjoying 'dim sum' in a traditional teahouse in Guangzhou(photoed by Ziwang Zhang)


Door-to-door service


At the Community Office of Assistance for People Coming from Outside Mainland China in Shipai Street, Tianhe District of Guangzhou, a publicity board with a huge QR code immediately grabs your eye. After scanning the code, expats can enjoy personalised one-on-one service.


Jura from South Korea is currently studying at South China Normal University’s International Cultural College. Three and a half years ago, she came to Guangzhou to learn Chinese. Over the years, she has been renting a house with her friends outside the school. “Every time I return to China, I need to register my residence. If I’m occupied with other things, I can still update the registration information as long as I submit the entry stamp by WeChat.” Jura said.


Shipai Street attracts many expats to live, work and trade here. The annual back-to-school season is the busiest time for the expat management & services station. As Jinan and South China Normal Universities are both located on this street, all international students from these two universities are required to register here. In addition, as one of the biggest expat management service stations in Guangzhou, more than 3000 foreign permanent residents have registered here. Apart from overseas students, most expats stated that they came to Guangzhou for business or work. They work during the day, and then go back home at night, so there is little chance for them to know about the community they live in. Therefore, the station has conducted activities on the theme of “building a harmonious community”, in which station staff visit these expats and chat with them, so that a better relationship will be developed.

Editor: Keane Wong

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