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Where to get a real bargain of seafood in Guangzhou?

2017-August-18       Source: Newsgd.com

This year’s fishing moratorium has come to an end, it means a wide variety of fresh seafood from the South China Sea has been shipped to the market. Aren’t you excited?

No. 4: 19 Chung Aquatic Product Wharf (十九涌水产品交易码头)

After 14 Chung, we have to mention 19 Chung. Located in the southernmost point of Guangzhou, 19 Chung is hailed as “South Tip of Guangzhou”. There is ample seafood as well as many interesting places for visiting.

You can buy fresh and dried seafood at the 19 Chung Aquatic Product Wharf. More importantly, here you can take a sightseeing boat to travel around offshore.

[Photo/WeChat: nfrbsy]

Compared with 14 Chung, seafood in 19 Chung is a little bit expensive, but as a tourist attraction, it’s worth visiting during weekends.

Long road along the coast, gentle sea breeze, rhythmic wave sound, fishing-boats berthed at the sea shore, fruits of the season, seafood street, mini-bars, and visitors taking photos around... You will find your views, delicacies and fun in 19 Chung.

[Photo/WeChat: nfrbsy]

Add.: Haixiang Road, Nansha District, Guangzhou (广州市南沙区海翔路)

Nearby scenic spots: Fisherman’s Wharf (渔人码头), Nansha Wetland Park (南沙湿地公园)

Editor: Monica Liu

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