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Where to get a real bargain of seafood in Guangzhou?

2017-August-18       Source: Newsgd.com

This year’s fishing moratorium has come to an end, it means a wide variety of fresh seafood from the South China Sea has been shipped to the market. Aren’t you excited?

No. 3: 14 Chung Aquatic Product Center (十四涌水产中心)

14 Chung Aquatic Product Center is one of the famous aquatic product markets in Guangzhou. It is located at the Pearl River estuary, between Wanqingsha Town and Minzhong Town in Nansha District, featuring crowded seafood stalls and small restaurants. It is kind of like a new world for seafood lovers, with marine food products, dried seafood, vegetables, fruits, aquatic products and eateries.

[Photo/WeChat: nfrbsy]


1. Fresh. Seafood here is provided by local fishermen who catch fish with their small fishing boats everyday.

2. Inexpensive. 14 Chung is not as famous as 19 Chung (to be mentioned below), however just because of that, seafood here is cheap and affordable. Therefore, many local Guangzhou people prefer to purchase seafood here.

3. Great variety. Shellfish seafood such as abalone and scallop is strongly recommended for it is cheap and fresh. An abalone only costs less than 10 yuan while a sea urchin only costs less than 20 yuan.

4. Affordable seafood restaurants. It is recommended to walk around the market to compare prices and ingredients, then shop what you want and pick a restaurant for cooking the seafood. The cooking cost is less than 20 yuan per person.

5. All kinds of fruits. 14 Chung offers not only fresh and inexpensive seafood, but also various fruits, including local red banana and pawpaw.

[Photo/WeChat: nfrbsy]

Add.: County Highway X298, 14 Chung Bridge, Xinken Village, Wanqingsha Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou (广州南沙区万顷沙镇新垦村十四涌桥县道X298)

Editor: Monica Liu

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