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Prizes! How we share health & happiness in COVID-19 fight in GD

2021-Jun-9       Source: Newsgd.com

It can be your own experiences such as taking a nucleic acid test or staying indoors to avoid unnecessary public gathering, or the stories of the public or medical workers' dedicated efforts to curb t

The latest COVID-19 resurgence in Guangdong started in late May, with most cases reported in cities of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and Zhanjiang. To contain the virus and protect our beautiful home, a huge societal effort has been made, with everyone playing their part and following the public health advice, in particular medical workers and volunteers having fought day and night at the frontline against the pandemic, showing the noble spirit of benevolence.


Have you recorded any impressive, touching moments of this period via text, photos or videos? GDToday is soliciting your thoughts, wishes, stories and moments in the fight against the pandemic in Guangdong recently. It can be your own experiences such as taking a nucleic acid test or staying indoors to avoid unnecessary public gathering, or the stories of the public or medical workers' dedicated efforts to curb the virus in the community, or your thanks and encouragement to the frontline workers and volunteers.


Participants will stand a great chance to win some amazing gifts, which can be enjoyed after this wave of COVID-19, including Dinner Buffets for two and a one night stay at Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich, a one night stay at LN Garden Hotel, Guangzhou or a one night stay at Swissotel Foshan, the Forbidden City Cosmetic Afternoon Tea Set for Two at The Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou, and lovely tourism mascot dolls of Guangzhou.


How to participate:

1. Please send your thanks, wishes or stories via text, photos or short videos to the GDToday WeChat subscription account, or to our email newsguangdong@sina.com (please add "COVID-19 fight in GD" to your email subject). Don't forget to leave your contact information as well so that we can reach you in time if you win a prize.

参与方式:把你的祝福、感谢或故事通过文字、照片或短视频发送到GDToday微信公众号后台或者邮箱newsguangdong@sina.com(邮件主题COVID-19 fight in GD),同时附上你的联系方式。

2. You can also leave a comment below this article to share your stories about the recent COVID-19 fight in Guangdong. Stay tuned on GDToday to make sure you don't miss out on further announcements.


When to submit: From now till June 16; Entry showcase: June 17-18; Award list announcement: June 18-20



1. Captions, author info and contact info should be provided along with your works.

2. Video duration should be less than 2 minutes and 20 seconds, the fps is not limited, and the video should be shot in horizontal screen.

3. The content you submit should be positive and cannot involve commercial advertisements, personal privacy or other sensitive information.

4. All entries must be original works. Participants shall bear any legal consequences of plagiarizing other people's intellectual property or copyright disputes.

5. For all collected works, GDToday owns all rights including but not limited to intellectual property rights, and can be used for public welfare purposes such as display and publicity free of charge. Entries can be published on all media platforms belonging to GDToday (Newsgd.com).

6. If you have any questions about this event, you can add us on WeChat (ID: Fera@GDToday) and leave us a message.

注意事项:提交作品时记得附上相关文字介绍、作者、联系方式;视频长度最好为2分钟左右,横屏拍摄;作品传递正能量、不涉及广告、个人隐私或其他敏感信息;所有作品必须为原创,如非原创,后果自负;GDToday有权对征集到的作品公开发表、播出推送;如有本活动相关问题,请添加微信号留言咨询(ID: Fera@GDToday)。

Check out the amazing prizes

2 On 988 Café Dinner Buffet for Two at Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich (3 sets, valid till June 7, 2022)

2 On 988全日制餐厅平日双人自助晚餐(3份,有效期至2022年6月7日)

● One Night Stay at Sofitel Superior Room with Two Breakfast Buffets (1 set, valid till June 7, 2022)


(Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

(Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

As the only French luxury brand hotel in Guangzhou, Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich has been committed to bringing savoir-faire and art de vivre for ten years. The hotel is inviting you to share the cheer of its 10th Anniversary Flash Sale at the hotel's official Wechat Mall from June 10 to June 30. Over 37 selected products covering rooms, dinning and wellness start from 10RMB.


● Complimentary One Night Stay at Garden 66 Suite with Two Breakfasts (2 sets, valid till July 15, 2021)


(Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

(Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

LN Garden Hotel, Guangzhou is the first landmark 5-star luxury hotel. It showcases a perfect blend of Cantonese heritage and contemporary sophistication. The hotel offers welcoming ambience, memorable experience and classic culinary tour. The stylish living and traveling space with the heritage of Lingnan culture awaits you!


● One Night Stay at Advantage Room including Two Breakfast at Swissotel Foshan (1 set, valid till December 31, 2021)


(Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

(Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

Swissotel Foshan, as an international luxury 5-star property, offers a brand-new lifestyle through exclusive and elegant Swiss hospitality and service. With spectacular night scene viewing area, it is one of the tallest buildings and a prominent landmark in Foshan. Located in the city center, the hotel adjoins Zumiao Subway Station.


● The Forbidden City Cosmetic Afternoon Tea Set for Two at Pearl Lounge, The Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou (1 set, valid till the end of July, 2021)


(Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

The Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou invites you to an experiential cultural journey at the Pearl Lounge. Inspired by the Forbidden City and the astounding collection of historical artifacts, its Executive Pastry Chef Eric elaborately replicated a few significant masterpieces for you to savor and resonate the imperial treasures.

广州富力丽思卡尔顿酒店携手故宫美妆鹤禧觉色,诚意呈献浮翠流丹主题限定下午茶。甜品主厨Chef Eric以故宫传统艺术为灵感,匠心创作9款造型别致,口味丰富的甜咸点。

● Lovely tourism image mascot dolls of Guangzhou (20 dolls)


(Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

Guangzhou unveiled its tourism image mascots "A Man" and "Mie Zai" in April. "A Man" represents the elegance and modernity of Guangzhou, and is inspired by the design of the city's landmark Canton Tower, commonly known as Xiaomanyao, or "slim waist". "Mie Zai" originates from an ancient legend of the city related to the Five Rams Sculpture, which is also one of the top eight destinations and landmarks of the city.


Author | Monica & Nancy (intern)

Editor | Wing, Olivia & Jerry

Editor: Monica Liu

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