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In-depth exploration of Beijing Winter Olympic Village

2021-Nov-12       Source: newsgd.com

With less than 100 days until the start of the Winter Olympics, Beijing's Winter Olympic Village is ready to open its doors. During the competition, the Village will provide athletes and staff with 53-day 24-hour service.

With less than 100 days until the start of the Winter Olympics, Beijing's Winter Olympic Village is ready to open its doors. During the competition, the Village will provide athletes and staff with 53-day 24-hour service. 

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5日上午,南方+记者探访北京冬奥村。  南方+ 赵晓娜 拍摄

First stop: Check-in

The Winter Olympic Village includes three areas: a residential area, an operation area and a square. The operation area will provide delegation registration, security check, concierge, media reception and other services. The delegation reception center is the first stop for athletes and coaches to register when living in the Village.

This area was transformed from an old factory in Beijing. Each building is connected by a "warm corridor" built by a transparent glass curtain wall, which is both bright and warm.

It is worth mentioning that the reception center also has a small meeting room, so that athletes can easily collect their certification here. The media reception center is located on the south side of the first floor, where reporters will be able to interview athletes.

接待中心外部,目前这里仍在施工。  南方+ 赵晓娜 拍摄

接待中心内部。  南方+ 赵晓娜 拍摄

Second stop: Apartment

The residence of the apartments is divided into the east area and the west area, which are composed of 20 apartment buildings. The exterior of the apartment buildings uses a combination of warm and cold color intervals, echoing the theme of winter sports.

The design of the apartment buildings is inspired by the Beijing Siheyuan. There are 6 to 7 yards surrounded by 20 apartment buildings respectively. Among them, there are two relatively large courtyards, and the other two or three buildings each form a small courtyard.

There are many designs with Chinese cultural elements in these courtyards. The design of the two large courtyards is inspired by a painting showing ice sports activities in the Qing Dynasty, "Ice Play Picture", which makes people feel like they are in a classical Chinese garden.

During the competition, 18 apartment buildings will be used. The Winter Olympic Village will provide 2,234 guest rooms with 2,338 beds. During the Paralympic Winter Games, 9 apartment buildings in the West Area will provide services for athletes, with 1,040 rooms available.

居住区分东、西两区,由20栋公寓楼组成。  南方+ 赵晓娜 拍摄

Third stop: Interior design

The apartments in the residential area are divided into 4 units, with 135㎡, 165㎡, 190㎡, and 220㎡ respectively. There are 2 bedrooms, 1 meeting room, 1 office, 3 toilets, and 1 living room in a 190㎡ apartment.

Each bedroom is equipped with a bed, bedside table, wardrobe, clothes rack, table lamp, etc. An emergency button is placed in a prominent place above the bedside table. In case of emergencies, athletes can press the button to talk to the central control room.

In order to ensure the sleep of the athletes during the games, the bed is made of memory foam. Each bed is equipped with a remote control, which can be adjusted into 4 modes such as sleeping position and sitting position. In addition, a foot stool is prepared for athletes who need to extend the bed, so that the length of the bed could be extended to 2.2 or even 2.4 meters.

The interior design of the apartment is also considered for disabled athletes. Each apartment is equipped with complete facilities for the disabled, such as roll-in showers, safety grab bars and shower stools. During the Winter Paralympics, the height of the bed will also be lowered by 30 cm.

温馨雅致的公寓内部。  南方+ 赵晓娜 拍摄

整个房间干净整洁。  南方+ 赵晓娜 拍摄

每套公寓均设立了完备的残疾人设施。  南方+ 赵晓娜 拍摄

Fourth stop: Entertainment

Beijing Winter Olympic Village has also set up a square area for entertainment. There are 28 service facilities in the underground area of the square, including restaurants, entertainment, and shopping.

In addition, there are exhibition areas for Chinese traditional culture, Chinese medicine culture, and Chinese opera in the square area. The Winter Olympics are just in time for the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, and the Beijing Winter Olympic Village will also host traditional Chinese cultural experience activities.

Beijing Winter Olympic Village will enter a simulated operation state on November 20th, and the residential area, square area, and operation area will be tested for trial operation. The trial operation test will test the energy, services and epidemic prevention in the Winter Olympic Village.

下沉式广场将设有中国文化展示区。  南方+ 赵晓娜 拍摄

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