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Li Ziqi shows up in this forum after not publishing videos in 4 months

2021-Nov-29       Source: newsgd.com

​“As far as I am concerned, enough passion and dedication to one thing are the most important factors for doing thing well.”

“As far as I am concerned, enough passion and dedication to one thing are the most important factors for doing thing well.”

Li Ziqi, a famous youtuber has showed up in the Asia Youth Leaders Forum 2021 after she stopped updating videos in 4 months. At the sub-forum themed Culture, Education and Tourism Development, the Guinness World Record holder shared her experience and secrets about being a video creator.

“This is not an easy path to take,” said Li. “Every time when we want to express or demonstrate something to our audience, we may encounter various difficulties.”

“But anyway, I still believe that passion can stand the test of time,” she added.

In Li’s opinion, the young generation should be positive about life and do whatever they want. She hopes that her videos can inspire the youngsters and give them a positive outlook on life.

“I had once made a video about a life of rice,” Li stated. “The video was inspired by a comment that a teacher said her students thought rice was grown on trees.”

“How can the rice grow on trees?” Li wanted to laugh and weep when recalling the story.

The comment made up her mind to produce a video about a life of rice, including planting, growing, blooming, watering, harvesting and cooking. Now, the theme of video has already expanded from rice to tomato, pepper and other foods we commonly eaten.

Li stressed that showing things growing through videos can lead them to realize the importance of harmony between humans and nature.

When talking about the legal disputes with her partner company, Li said: “we believe in judicial fairness”.

Li stopped publishing new content after an 18 minutes video titled "Firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and tea" was uploaded to major online platforms on July 14. However, Li revealed that a continuously shooting is under way.

“The theme is a secret,” Li said playfully. “You will know when the videos are on.”

Authors: Steven Yuen, Lydia Liu

Editors: Keane Wong, Jerry Grey

Video: Liang Jucong, Xu Shuzhi, Keane Wong

Editor: 冯慧婷

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