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Guangzhou Symphony Youth Orchestra sowed music seeds in schools

2021-Oct-21       Source: newsgd.com

On October 17, the Guangzhou Symphony Youth Orchestra held two concerts for freshmen of the Tsinghua University High School-Guangzhou.

On October 17, the Guangzhou Symphony Youth Orchestra (GSYO) held two concerts for freshmen of the Tsinghua University High School-Guangzhou.

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In the concert, the symphony orchestra played a number of pieces, including classic music works, such as Swan Lake and Mozart's compositions, and also some cartoon theme songs familiar to children, such as Harry Potter, Two Tigers, Doraemon, etc. Those different songs immersed students in the world of music. Through the timbre demonstration of each instrument, all students gained a preliminary understanding of symphony.

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An interactive session was added to the concert. Several lucky students were chosen randomly to play on the stage with the orchestra together. Wang Shiyu, a first-year student, said the symphony had a thrilling resonance. "Harp and violin are my favorite instruments," she emphasized, "I learned a lot about the characteristic of instruments and the etiquette of performance from the conductor." Ms. Shi, Wang's mother, said that they were choosing an instrument for her daughter. "This concert gives us much needed help, assisting us to make a rational choice based on our actual situation."

(Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

(Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

After the concert, Principal Cheng Huiyun said the school will teach music in accordance with children's aptitudes. "The most basic goal is to let all children receive music education and learn to appreciate the beauty of music," she said, "A further goal is to enable interested students to learn one or two musical instruments and regard music as the lubricant of life. The ultimate goal is to allow students with specialties and talents to create beautiful music, and even embark on the path of professional music learning."

As an important public welfare project, since 2013, Guangzhou Symphony Youth Orchestra has held many people-benefit concerts every year. Over 37,000 young audiences and school students appreciated the symphony under the arrangement of Guangzhou Education Bureau.

The Tsinghua University High School-Guangzhou was jointly established by the Tsinghua University High School and Guangzhou Education Bureau. It was officially opened on September 1.

(Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

(Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

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Editor: Ariel

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