First footbridge across Pearl River, waiting for you to name it!

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The first footbridge across the Pearl River in Guangzhou will open in June and will become a new landmark of riverside space.

The first footbridge across the Pearl River in Guangzhou will open in June and will become a new landmark of riverside space.

Photo: Nanfang Daily

The footbridge is connected to the Ersha Island Art Park on the north bank and the east bank of the Pearl River on the south bank, which is located on the Pearl River on the west side of the Canton Tower, with a span of 198 meters, a total length of 488 meters and a width of 15 meters. This footbridge is also the first landmark structure designed by a local design team in the core section of the central axis of Guangzhou and it will become the largest and widest footbridge in the world.

It will bring more convenience and comfortable experience to city life after the footbridge is completed. The footbridge is divided into a fast track and a slow track to suit people with different walking rhythms. The east side is a barrier-free ramp, and the west side is a fast track or running track. The footbridge has also set up sunshade canopies, cooling sprays and three-dimensional greening to adjust the microclimate due to the hot and rainy summer in Guangzhou. A visual recognition system is also installed on the bridge to provide timely warning and control in the event of congestion and other dangerous situations.

Photo: Nanfang Daily

Now, this footbridge has solicited names from all over the world.

From May 13th to May 28th, the public can submit their names through "Xinhuacheng(新花城)" APP and the WeChat public account “Guangzhou Daily (广州日报)”. After that, professional judges will select 10 names for the public to vote.

The 10 names selected for public voting can be rewarded. The first place will receive a bonus of 50,000 yuan, the second place will receive a bonus of 30,000 yuan, and the third place will receive a bonus of 20,000 yuan. The other 7 winners will receive a bonus of RMB 5,000 each, and the above bonuses are all tax-included bonuses.


1. The naming shall comply with the regulations, and shall not damage the national sovereignty, territorial integrity, national dignity and social harmony.

2. The name must be in Chinese.

3. The name should reflect the characteristics of Guangzhou city, easy to remember and spread.

4. The naming scheme must be original by the individual or the team, and the connotation and meaning must be explained.

Have you thought of a good name for the footbridge? Participate in the event now!


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Editor: Alice

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