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【新“客家”洋人群英会】Overseas students in GD: If I have the chances, I'd like to come back留学生萌妹纸:如果有机会,我还想再来广东

2018-Oct-18       Source: Newsgd.com

Picture this: students from China, Japan and South Korea are in the same classroom, exchanging cultures and discussing the situation in East Asia freely switching between Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Moe Yamahara,from Japan, is one of the oversea students in Guangdong.(By Zheng Yijian,Nanfang+ APP)

Kim Sojeong, from Korea.(By Zheng Yijian,Nanfang+ APP)

Picture this: students from China, Japan and South Korea are in the same classroom, exchanging cultures and discussing the situation in East Asia freely switching between Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Moe Yamahara, from Japan, and Kim Sojeong, from Korea, spent the past whole year attending such classes in Guangdong.

Yamahara from Japan, is a very bashful cute girl, always covers her mouth when smiling. Kim is from South Korea, whose eyes are like the crescent moon, her whole face lighting up when smiling. They all came to Guangzhou last year on the CAMPUS Asia project at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS).

Over the past few years, this program has allowed countless students like them to study in Guangdong.

According to statistics released by the Ministry of Education, there were 489,200 overseas students studying in colleges and universities in China in 2017. The growth rate has kept above 10% for two consecutive years, and Guangdong is one of the main provinces receiving overseas students.

Text by Nan

Edited by Olivia & Simon

Mobile campus and solid study

CAMPUS Asia, is an educational exchange program led by the governments of China, Japan and South Korea. The project in GDUFS marks a new mode of transnational education, joint operated by GDUFS, Dongseo University in South Korea and Ritsumeikan University in Japan.

It is not so easy to win a place on the program. Yamahara and Kim took part in a very strict selection process. Having passed the arduous selection process, they then have to face the daunting prospect of a heavy workload and many specialized after-school projects during the program.

To take part students must be proficient in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English, but are also required "to see many regional problems through the perspective of East Asia, have a deep appreciation of the constantly changing situation in East Asia, and even be prepared to participate in international competition and governance".

Yamahara and Kim have had an adventure at GDUFS for the past year. Kim was full of praise for the learning experience this year: “If time and funds allow, I still want to study here, because GDUFS is great, and the quality of the education is good."


Breaking through the stereotypes

"The food is so delicious" "I especially love Cantonese food" " My favorite is morning tea"...Talking about their life in Guangdong in the past one year, Yamahara and Kim were so excited. For them, the year was not only about studying, but also finding chances to relax and experience local life, enjoy the local cuisine, visit Shenzhen, try out flower arrangement, and much more. For both of them, it was an experience that broke through their stereotypes of Guangzhou.

Both Yamahara and Kim decided to participate in the CAMPUS Asia project because of their interest in Chinese culture. But there were many concerns before they came, such as afraid of failing to adapt to the tropical climate, bad air quality and sensitive international relations being a factor when meeting others. All concerns disappeared when they arrived in Guangzhou.

Kim said all people here have been welcoming, and there are many international students who happily chat in Chinese or English. Yamahara said that she enjoyed hiking with classmates at the nearby Baiyun Mountain, and that air quality is good, nowhere near as bad as rumored.



















Editor: Nan

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