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【新“客家”洋人群英会】Modernity and Guangdong -- An interview with David Gamarra, the Consul General for Peru in Guangzhou

2018-Sep-29       Source: Newsgd.com

David Gamarra, the Consul General of Peru in Guangzhou, first impression of Guangdong is modernity.

David Gamarra, the Consul General of Peru in Guangzhou accepted the exclusive interview from Newsgd.com. [photo/ Eric]

David Gamarra, the Consul General of Peru in Guangzhou, first impression of Guangdong is modernity.

“I am so impressed with this area and how clean it is. Beautiful flowers are everywhere. That’s really awesome.” Mr. Gamarra loves Guangdong. Having been here for 5 years, Mr. Gamarra has witnessed the high-speed development of this area.

Guangdong attracting many overseas business

Mr. Gamarra considers Guangzhou as one of the the economical hearts of China, since Guangzhou is located in a rich province and contributes a lot to the GDP of the whole country. The soaring number of the transnational enterprises and partnerships coming out of this region these last few years surprises him.

With a happy smile, Mr. Gamarra shares the impression Guangdong has made on people from his own country. “Every time I have business with people from my country, I tell them what I’ve seen here. When I arrived here, many buildings around were not in construction. Now they are finished, and there are so many huge skyscrapers here now. People in my country are impressed by the development of southern China and want to live here, too.”

According to Mr. Gamarra, free trade agreements between China and Peru in effect since 2010, have enhanced the trade between Guangdong and Peru. Many businessmen from Peru have been induced to Guangdong in recent years. A sharp increase in Import and Export business between Guangdong and Peru is bringing a lot economic benefits to both regions. “We are exporting fruits, like avocados, mango, dewberries, grapes, and a lot of cotton and cotton products to China”, said by Mr. Gamarra.

An international technological innovation center

Mr. Gamarra said that Guangdong is a center for technological innovation, “Not only I think that Guangdong is a technological innovation center, but also foreign magazines, such as The Economist, pointed out that many cities in Guangdong, like Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan, are innovation hubs. It is good timing for Guangdong to develop technology, and many brand-new technologies are being invented here.”

As the most essential resource for technological innovation and the main factor for enhancing competitiveness, talent has become a strategic support for Guangdong. Mr. Gamarra highly praised Guangdong’s policies to attract high-end talents. “I think Guangdong is good enough, it has everything it needs to attract talented indivduals from all over the world. The government should advertise and broadcast Guangdong to the world better, so that more and more people get to know about this prosperous area.”

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is a dynamic area

When talking about the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Mr. Gamarra refers again to an article in The Economist. “The Pearl River Delta is an integrated area. It offers many opportunities for economic and technological development. The Greater Bay Area is composed of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. This is one of the world’s most dynamic areas.” In his opinion, the connection of these three areas will accelerate the integrated development of the Greater Bay Area and also contribute to China’s overall development.

“I believe the Greater Bay Area will attract more innovative global enterprises and high-end talent”, Mr. Gamarra said, praising the Greater Bay Area. He believes that more partnerships are likely between Peru and Guangdong. In the future, he aims to introduce more logistic enterprises to the region, in order to establish branches in the dynamic GD-HK-M Greater Bay Area.

Editor: Xiaowen

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