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As the day gets colder, there is nothing quite like some freshly cooked food that can warm our body. Most foodies certainly will not say no to such a menu—a hot bowl of Cantonese-style Sampan Congee f

As the days get colder, there is nothing quite like some freshly cooked warming food—a hot bowl of Cantonese-style Sampan Congee for breakfast, Hunan chili fish for lunch, chewy and juicy Beijing Roast Duck for dinner, foodies certainly wouldn’t turn down a menu like this! But how could we take a leisurely trip between Guangdong, Hunan and Beijing in just one day? Easily! The high-speed railway can help you achieve it!


People living in Guangdong’s travel habits have been greatly changed with the rapid development of high-speed railway over the past few years. For example, taking a high-speed train from Guangzhou, it takes just one hour to travel through the Pearl River Delta, two hours to travel to east, west, or north Guangdong, and a mere half a day to reach Beijing over 1,000 miles away. As of writing, even more high-speed rail lines are being built to link the province with Hong Kong, Macao and even Southeast Asia. It seems that the world is becoming smaller and smaller.



China's high-speed railway has even been voted by international students as the best "souvenir" they wish they could bring home. So, what’s the magic of China’s high-speed railway? A group of expats in Guangdong have given their thoughts.


"Fast" and "smooth" were the two words they used most to describe their impressions of China's high-speed railway. A girl said she felt like her seat was a space where she could sleep.



Furthermore, they all looked forward to the two-hour living circle being shaped by high-speed railway lines in Guangdong. Some said that it would be a great chance to travel through the province.



Perhaps unsurprisingly, they were already very familiar with the Guangzhou-Kowloon Through Train. As for the upcoming Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong High-speed Railway, they all believed that it would bring the three cities even closer!




Author:Keane Wong (王凯),Steven Yuen (袁子翔)

Editor: 王凯

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