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What's the magic of online shopping in Guangdong? Our hosts are checking it out.

Internet has become a critical element of China’s economic progress. When thinking of Internet economy, you probably may think of your online shopping cart full of “wish list” items, the Double 11 (Chinese version of Black Friday) when you joined in the shopping frenzy, and Jack Ma.


Guangdong is the national champion for “buy, buy buy”. In the past five years, what changes have online shopping brought to our lives?


Hasan, a student from Bangladesh who has studied in Guangdong for three years, was a bit upset about “buy, buy, buy” these days.


He often felt helpless when failed to name the vegetables he wanted in Chinese in local farmer’s market.


He was going to hold a football party tomorrow and has invited his friends to watch national champion Guangzhou Evergrande’s game together. However, he still got a long purchase list and became extremely worried. Then his neighbor told him--


He could order all the things in advance online and just wait for the delivery!


Hasan now also knew Taobao is not the only online shopping platform in China.


First, they tried to find fresh Guangdong fruits online.


Just half an hour after ordering, the doorbell rang and here came the courier. What had Hasan got?


Hasan didn’t know how to find his favorite South East Asian snacks online. What should he do?


Hasan finally brought far more than everything in his purchasing list before the party. As for the upcoming Double 11, we need to compete with Hasan for speed of paying now!



Author(作者):Keane Wong (王凯),Steven Yuen (袁子翔)

Editor: 王凯

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