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Breaking! Change of GZ's entry policy and Tianhe's COVID update

2021-Aug-13       Source: Newsgd.com

From August 13, all inbound travelers who have completed 14-day centralized isolation and returned to Guangzhou now need a 7-day home quarantine without going out.

At 10:00 am August 13, a press conference on COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control was held in Guangzhou. According to Chen Bin, deputy director of Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission, from August 13, all inbound travelers who have completed 14-day centralized isolation and returned to Guangzhou now need a 7-day home quarantine without going out.

Mass testing carried out in 11 streets in three districts, 389,511 tests done and all came back negative

At the conference, Chen Bin said the inbound traveler in Tianhe district who tested positive for COVID-19 was an imported case. Currently the patient is in a stable condition.

At present, seven sites have been identified as key areas. They are Tianhe North Neighborhoods Committee (天河北居委会), Yuandong Building (远东大厦), the fever clinic of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Sericultural & Agri-Food Research Institute (蚕业研究所) in Yiheng Road, Dongguan Zhuang Community in Tianhe district, and Dawang Store (大旺生活超市), Pan Jianping Breakfast shop (潘剑平包子店) and Fengsui Hardware (丰穗五金店) near Yuandong Building.

Closed management and disinfection have been carried out in these areas. As of 22:00 August 12, 47 environmental samples in key areas including ten in the case’s home were taken and all have tested negative.

(Photo / Nanfang Daily)

Nucleic acid testing is being conducted in the following areas. They are Linhe Street (林和街) in Tianhe district, Shipai Street (石牌街), Hongqiao Street (洪桥街), Beijing Street (北京街), Liurong Street (六榕街), Liuhua Street (流花街), Dongshan Street (东山街), Nonglin Street (农林街), Baiyun Street (白云街), Kuangquan Street (矿泉街) in Yuexiu district, and Tonghe Street (同和街) in Baiyun district. As of 8:00 August 13, 389,511 people have been tested, and the results are all negative.

According to Zhang Zhoubin, deputy director and spokesman of Guangzhou CDC, in the coming days, some residents may receive messages or voice calls from AI phones. Some people's health code may turn yellow. Please don't worry if it happens, it only means you need to complete a nucleic test as soon as possible.

Guangzhou: Three-dose vaccines are available from August 13

According to Chen Bin, people can make appointments at vaccination sites in all districts to receive recombinant new coronavirus vaccine (CHO cells), which is a three-dose vaccine. The recombinant vaccine, like the inactivated vaccine, is immunogenic and safe, so it is suitable for people aged 18 and above who are unvaccinated. At present, 371 vaccination sites are available in Guangzhou. People can participate in group vaccination through their work units or schools, or make appointments on "Guangzhou Health Kit" (广州健康通) WeChat official account, or go directly to local community health service centers for vaccination.

Update on COVID-19 cases in Guangdong

From 0:00 to 24:00 August 12, Guangdong reported nine imported confirmed cases, including seven reported by Guangzhou and two by Shenzhen. Among Guangzhou's cases, four come from Myanmar, one from the U.S., one from the UK and one from Japan; Shenzhen's cases were both from the USA Two imported asymptomatic cases from Philippines were reported by Guangzhou. On the same day, six patients had been discharged from hospital.

As of 24:00 August 12, Guangdong had reported a total of 2,947 confirmed COVID-19 cases, including 1,380 imported. Currently, 83 patients are being isolated or treated in hospitals.

Author: Huang Yanting (intern)

Editor: Monica, Will, Jerry

Editor: Will

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