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Public cultural venues resume operations in Guangzhou's Yuexiu District

2021-Jun-26       Source: Newsgd.com

On June 24, Guangzhou cleared all high-risk areas for COVID-19 in the city. A number of public cultural venues in Guangzhou's Yuexiu have resumed operation.

On June 24, Guangzhou cleared all high-risk areas for COVID-19 in the city. A number of public cultural venues in Guangzhou's Yuexiu have resumed operation.

The Archaeological Site Museum of Nanyue Palace reopened on June 23, with a daily capacity of 4,000 visitors. Visitors need to make reservations through the museum's WeChat official account. Group reservations are not available currently.

Guangzhou Uprising Memorial Museum (Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

In addition, Guangzhou Museum, Guangzhou Children's Library, Guangdong Revolutionary History Museum and Guangzhou Uprising Memorial Hall have all resumed their operations on June 24. Before you visit, please pay attention to their latest COVID-19 prevention measures.

The opening venues in Guangzhou Museum include Zhenhai Tower exhibition area, Zhongyuan Tower exhibition area as well as an uprising command headquarters memorial hall. During the anti-pandemic period, the daily number of visitors in the museum can not exceed 2,500.

Guangdong Revolutionary History Museum only receives no more than 50% of the average daily capacity. The number of reservations is limited to 1,500 people (including children) per day, and timed capacity will be no more than 187 people. You also need to call (020)83825846 to make appointments for group reservations, with every batch of less than 30 visitors.

You are required to make a real-name reservation for visiting the Guangzhou Children's Library, which only offer 3,000 reservations per day, while the maximum number of people in the library being limited to 1,200 at any time. There are two reservation periods (9:00-13:00 and 13:00-17:00) every day and the number of reservations in each period can not exceed 1,500.

Guangzhou Uprising Memorial Museum (Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

The Guangzhou Uprising Memorial Museum also introduces real-name online reservation in different time periods. Visitors can make appointments within 7 days through the museum's WeChat official account named “广东革命历史博物馆票务预约” (pinyin: guang dong ge ming li shi bo wu guan piao wu yu yue).

The number of reservations per day is limited to 1,000 people (including children), the maximum capacity can not exceed 125 people, and group reservations should be no more than 30 people per batch. Each ID card is allowed to book one ticket per day, and visitors should visit the museum in the appointed time.

The museum has also upgraded four of its key exhibitions to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC). By using multimedia as well as adding sound and light to the exhibitions, visitors will be able to have a more in-depth and immersive experience.

You can make a reservation via valid documentation including ID card or passport for all the museums mentioned above. Follow self-protection procedures: wearing a mask, washing hands regularly and keeping social distance during your visit.

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