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Kenyan acrobats praise Guangzhou's quarantine arrangements

2020-Apr-26       Source: Newsgd.com

On the morning of April 16th, Martin and Jandi, two acrobatic dancers from Kenya finished their health management period at a hotel in Panyu district, and returned to their own residence.

On the morning of April 16th, Ngoiri Martin Mwaura and Kivogo Charles Jandi, two acrobatic dancers from Kenya finished their health management period at a hotel in Panyu district, and returned to their own residence. Upon leaving the hotel, they expressed their gratitude and spoke highly of the quarantine arrangements.

Martin and Jandi pose for a photo with the staff before leaving the hotel. (Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

"They took good care of us. The hotel was good, the food was great, and the environment was wonderful," Martin said, "We especially appreciated the service offered by the doctors who came to visit us every day to make sure that we are healthy. They have done some excellent work."

Martin pointed out that in addition to the service and help, the staff also communicated with them, explained what was happening and gave them health and safety advice. "That was a big thing for us, because in this way we felt like we were not isolated, and that we are in this fight together," Martin went on.

Jandi said that he wanted to say ‘thank you' again to the people here who were kind and concerned about their health and daily life. "Everything was wonderful," Jandi added.

During their quarantine in the hotel, Martin and Jandi actively cooperated with the epidemic prevention and control measures, and have gotten used to wearing a mask every day. They stressed that what the government is currently doing is for the best of everyone in this country, including both local residents and expats, and they appealed to everyone to follow the rules, understand the situation, and do their part to fight against the virus.

The comments and messages left by Martin and Jess. (Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

Pursue a career and promote cultural exchange in China

Both Martin and Jandi started to learn acrobatics at a very young age, and they decided to pursue a career in this field because of their enthusiasm and talent. They came to China together several years ago and have been to many other cities across the country, living Shenzhen for five years before arriving in Guangzhou about one month ago.

"China is one of the best places I have visited. It is the best place for us to work, meet friends, and exchange cultures," Jandi said.

They told the reporters that they are very happy to be in Guangzhou, because there are many challenges and opportunities in the city which will help promote their personal development. They are now working for the Chimelong Group.

"This is a big opportunity. It wasn't easy for us to get these positions, so we really appreciate it," Martin said, "Once we are on the stage, we perform with passion, because this is what we love, this is how we express our inner feelings and show our culture."

Both Martin and Jandi voiced that they value and respect Chinese culture, and hope to promote the cultural exchange between China and Kenya through acrobatic dance because acrobatics also forms part of Kenya's traditional dance.

They said they have received a warm welcome form audiences in China, and recognition of their talents and efforts. They are very happy and proud, and will continue to bring joy to audiences now in Guangzhou.

Before they left the hotel, Martin and Jandi performed an acrobatic dance as a way of thanking all the people who had been taking care of them.

Martin and Jandi perform an acrobatic dance in the hotel. (Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

Authors: Monica Liu & Zoey Huang (intern)

Editor: Simon Haywood

Editor: Monica Liu

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