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A date with Mucuna birdwoodiana in Guangdong

2017-March-31       Source: Newsgd.com

Like a flock of ricebirds, Mucuna birdwoodiana are in full bloom in Guangdong around Qingming Festival (April 4, 2017) every year.


Ornamental value

Mucuna birdwoodiana is evergreen and comes into flower in spring. Its flowers are clustered, with about 20 to 30 flowers on one string, some with even more. When Mucuna birdwoodiana are in bloom, the color of the flowers changes as time goes by. At the beginning, it is milk white or pale green; it turns to lemon yellow in full bloom, then pink and orange red at the end of flowering phase. In recent years, purple and violet Mucuna birdwoodiana are more and more popular.

Pharmaceutical value

Mucuna birdwoodiana’s stalk can be used as medicine, with the effect of strengthening bones, smoothing tendon and enriching blood. Its flower can be used as medicine too, which is efficient in decreasing internal heat. However, what calls special attention is that its seeds are poisonous. Do not touch it nor eat it. Please keep an eye on your kids when you are near it.

Flower language

The flower language of Mucuna birdwoodiana is happiness. When Mucuna flowers are in full bloom, it is like hundreds of ricebirds staying together on a branch. It is truly the best embodiment of its language, happiness. The flower phase of Mucuna birdwoodiana is from March to May this year. In the upcoming two weeks (around Qingming Festival), it will be the best time to admire the beauty of it. So how can you enjoy such happiness alone? Go with your family and friends to enjoy such a happy scene in the upcoming days. Seize the day and do not miss this.

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Editor: Monica Liu

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