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A date with Mucuna birdwoodiana in Guangdong

2017-March-31       Source: Newsgd.com

Like a flock of ricebirds, Mucuna birdwoodiana are in full bloom in Guangdong around Qingming Festival (April 4, 2017) every year.


Mucuna birdwoodiana is edible

Mucuna birdwoodiana’s flowers are edible. Fresh flowers are sweet and luscious. They can be cooked with meat to make soup or fried dishes. When cooking them, you have to remove their stamen or pistil. Be aware that not everyone love its odor. Here are some of the dishes you can make with it: crisp fried Mucuna birdwoodiana, boiled Mucuna birdwoodiana with pottage, Mucuna birdwoodiana flower cake, crisp fried Mucuna birdwoodiana with syrup, etc.

Mucuna birdwoodiana flower cake

Use Mucuna birdwoodiana flowers to make some juice, then mix the juice with bean jelly to make some flower cakes. Flowers of different colors can be made into different colored cakes. You can also add some strawberries or dates onto the cake.

Crisp fried Mucuna birdwoodiana with syrup

Wrap the Mucuna birdwoodiana with mixed salted flour, then put them into boiling oil in a deep fryer, and take them out in a few seconds when there is golden foam. Use sugar to make some syrup, then put the fried Mucuna birdwoodiana into the syrup, wrap them with syrup, and it’s done. Prepare some condensed milk to go with the dish. Eat it ASAP in case it gets cold and loses crispness.

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Editor: Monica Liu

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