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Cantonese culture shone through at the 2017 Fortune Global Forum reception gala

2017-December-8       Source: Newsgd.com

The dinner party was also filled with Guangzhou specific elements which also pleasantly surprised the attendees. Let’s introduce them one by one.

No. 2 Locally made, automated crystal piano

The crystal piano on the transparent platform is ‘Made-in-Guangzhou’, through and through. Provided by Guangzhou based Pearl River Piano, one of the world’s largest piano manufacturers, this piano was also exhibited at Music China Show in Shanghai. According to the general manager of Pearl River Pianos, this piano is equipped with an intelligent auto - play feature, allowing it to use the best online sheet music resources to play automatically.

No. 3 Award winning performers took to the stage

At the beginning of the dinner, over 60 performers came on stage to present a Cantonese opera ‘Meeting in Lingnan’. Among them, six are winners of the Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Award, China’s top award for drama. During the performance, each of the six award-winners sang a piece of newly composed Cantonese Opera music to demonstrate the traditional charm of Xiguan.

No. 4 Successful flight for ‘Made-in-Guangzhou’ drone

During the dinner party, a drone made by Guangzhou-based drone company EHang participated in the performances. Due to the complicated acoustic, photic, and electromagnetic environment at the venue, the drone was specifically installed with a RTK centimeter-level GPS in order to allow it to overcome this and challenge and fly along its pre-set route. The flight was completed within the extremely narrow error-margin of within two centimeter accuracy latitudinally and just one centimeter in the longitudinal direction.

Editor: Monica Liu

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