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Cantonese culture shone through at the 2017 Fortune Global Forum reception gala

2017-December-8       Source: Newsgd.com

The dinner party was also filled with Guangzhou specific elements which also pleasantly surprised the attendees. Let’s introduce them one by one.

No. 5 A total of 101 dancers presented ‘Xiguan Story’

The dance program ‘Xiguan Story’ was performed by 101 local dancers, including 60 so called ‘Xiguan Ladies’ clothed in the traditional Qipao and holding oiled paper umbrellas, contrasted with 40 ‘Xiguan girls’ with hip-hop stylings performing street dance. Aiming to demonstrate both a traditional and contemporary Guangzhou. The patterns on the Qipao were flowers and landmarks from around Guangzhou. The music for the umbrella dance was a Cantonese music piece ‘Coloured Clouds Chasing the Moon’.

No. 6 Guangzhou Symphony Youth Orchestra performed four masterpieces

The first one was ‘Dance Of The Golden Snake’, one of the top ten Chinese national classics especially at New Year. The second one was the theme from Oscar award-winning movie ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’. The third one is truly one of the most well-known Chinese classics ‘Jasmine Flower’. The final piece performed, ‘Dragon Boat Racing’ is a masterpiece of Cantonese music composed by a local musician.

(Author: Monica Liu; Editor: Simon Haywood)

Editor: Monica Liu

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