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双语 | Guangdong is confident of seeing a steady rise on foreign trade this year

2017-January-23       Source: Newsgd.com

Lin Tao, President of the CCPIT Guangdong Committee indicated the trade promotion system of Guangdong will focus on “stabilizing market share, improving trade structure and increasing benefits” in 2017.

Innovating platforms channels and measures

As the province’s largest civil organization for promoting trade, the CCPIT Guangdong Committee has gradually developed a series of platforms and channels such representative offices of economic and trade abroad, high-quality exhibitions and so on in the past decades.

“In this year, we will push forward a series of new measures. Firstly, we will innovate the operation way of the representative offices of economic and trade abroad. Secondly, we will continue to create and organize international exhibitions of high quality. Thirdly, we will bring forth new ideas on holding economic and trade activities to strengthen our linkage with the world. Fourth, we will expand the channel of legal service for international commerce. Finally is to construct the Investment and Trade Alliance of South Asia. With the Africa Investment and Trade Alliancewhich we’ve already established, the two alliances aim to provide new platforms for Guangdong enterprises going global,” Lin introduced.

According to Lin, the oversea representative offices will focus on classifying the market next year. The representative offices in developed countries or regions like the U.S.A and the EU should focus on introducing investment, cutting-edge technology and talents while the ones in countries from emerging markets should stress on assisting our enterprises to explore the market. The committee will support Guangdong enterprises to deeply involve in the international capacity cooperation and to transfer spare production capacity.

On the other hand, exhibition is also an effective way to help Guangdong firms grab orders from abroad. In the past decades, the CCPIT Guangdong Committee has gradually developed a way of “lifting sales by holding exhibitions”.

“In 2017, the committee will keep organizing the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road International Expo in Dongguan with other provincial departments. We are also going to have a Guangdong promotion during the Astana Expo 2017. And we will find some innovation ways to hold high-quality overseas exhibition. For example, we'll continue to improve the exhibition in India to open up the South Asian market. We'll promote the Guangdong products to Africa through holding an exhibition in Tanzania and we will also bring Guangdong goods to the Pacific Islands,” Lin added.

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