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[Video] Incredible! This place in Guangdong has developed more than 200 ways for cooking fish! 在广东,一条鱼至少有200种烹饪方法!吃货天堂——雄踞米其林美食榜的粤菜

2018-October-1       Source: Newsgd.com

Cantonese cuisine has always been a top-ranking cu isineon the world-famous Michelin Guide, a reference guide for food.

Cantonese cuisine has more than just Guanghzou-style cuisne to offer


There are also the Chaoshan-style and the Dongjiang-style cuisines

还有潮州菜 东江菜两支

Each of these local cuisines has their own unique flavors


Their prestige around the word is on par with that of French cuisine


Richard, an American expat from LA, California

Richard 来自美国加州 洛杉矶人

runs a greengrocery store in Guangzhou’s Zhujiang New Town


Today, he is going to learn to make dim sum with Master Tan


Richard, the founder of CAI


I was very surprised about how many people are involved when making the food


From my experience when you make food you only need just one person to make everything

在我的印象中 做菜只需要一个人

But here you have…the way they make it


you need to steam the dim sum and to get the final product

需要切 需要蒸点心 一起去完成这些

While dim sum reflects the exquisiteness and inclusiveness of Cantonese cuisine


Shunde-style fish can be said to reflect Guangdong’s love for freshness


Statistics have shown that people in Shunde have developed more than 200 ways for cooking fish.

据统计 顺德人吃鱼的花样已达到200多种

One fish, hundreds of different tastesand there is nothing on the fishn’s body that cannot be made into a delicacy

一鱼百味 鱼身上下无一不可成佳肴

Exquisite Cantonese cuisine and the exquisite lifestyle of Guangdong

精美的粤菜 精致的生活

speak to us about the everyday lives of Guangdong people


Guangdong’s food culture, passed on from generation to generation


is a gift endowed by this amazing land


Editor: Keane Wong

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