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Year-ender: Notable films of 2017

2018-January-4       Source: Chinadaily.com.cn

At the same time, domestic movies have done a better job than imported counterparts. Chinese film phenomenon Wolf Warrior 2 is the year's fifth highest-grossing movie worldwide.

War Wolf Two [Photo/Mtime]

Five word-of-mouth films

Twenty Two

Without big movie star support or funding for further promotion, the documentary film Twenty Two has become unexpectedly popular in Chinese theaters. By looking at the lives of 22 surviving Chinese "comfort women" who were forced into front-line brothels for Japanese troops during World War II, the film has resonated strongly among Chinese people.

Paths of the Soul

A type of movie seldom staged in China’s theaters, Paths of the Soul, directed by Zhang Yang, documents 11 villagers making a 2,500-kilometer pilgrimage to Lhasa. With amazing mountain ranges serving as the backdrop, Paths of the Soul presented China’s mysterious Tibet autonomous region to the world.

Angels Wear White

Angels Wear White tells a heartbreaking story about two young girls who are assaulted by a middle-aged man in a motel. Through a dual perspective, one from a victim and another from a female witness, the film tries to raise awareness of the "left behind" children in China.

Da Hufa

The booming Chinese animation industry is no illusion. Following the great success of Monkey King: Hero is Back in 2015 and Big Fish and Begonia in 2016, Da Hufa is the animated film of the year in the minds of most critics. The dark and terrifying painting style, and mature storyline seems to tell people Chinese animation is not for kids alone, but for people of all ages.

Bad Genius

Following a story of how talented people exploit their skills to help others cheat in exams and get high profits, the Thai film Bad Genius is the all-time highest-grossing Thai movie in China. The movie reflects a growing imbalance between rich and poor and the unfair allocation of educational resources. The impressive characters and unique storylines may help Chinese filmmakers learn a thing or two from their foreign counterparts.

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Editor: Monica Liu

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