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Original Costume Design Project-Intangible Cultural Heritage Conference in Dongguan

2018-January-3       Source: Dongguan Today

After six months of hard work, “Discover the beauty of Dongguan Intangible Cultural Heritage”- Dongguan Original Costume Design Project drew to a close.

34 sets of Intangible Cultural Heritage collections collect in the Centre.

The leader of Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Culture Press Publication awarded the collection certificates for the designers at the collection ceremony. These collections will be permanent displays at the exhibition hall of Intangible Cultural Heritage and compose 32-displays across Dongguan. “It’s of deliberate intent to protect Dongguan Intangible Cultural Heritage via these activities. We can also show new achievements and experience Intangible Cultural Heritage infinite charms.” said Liu Ying (Director of Dongguan Cultural Centre).

The Dongguan Original Costume Design Project-Intangible Cultural Heritage Conference began with the melody of wooden fish song. 34 sets of Intangible Cultural Heritage collections were divided into “humanity”, ”dragon”, ”skill” and” folk custom” chapters. Models wore the set of collections, which displayed Dongguan traditional folk culture. At the same time, more than ten Intangible Cultural Heritage inheritors were showing their crafts on stage, which the audience enjoyed and admired.

Designer Liang Liyi, who used “centenary plaque” as her design element, participated in this activity. After watching the show she said: “This crossover show not only pleases the eye, but also touches our mind. It used dress to show the Intangible Cultural Heritage, used catwalk to show the Chinese style and used fashion to inherit the tradition.”

Carvin, a native of Humen in Dongguan, is interested in weaving “Dongguan grass”. She designed 2 sets of Dongguan grass weaving collections and said:” The show is so wonderful, particularly the mix of Intangible Cultural Heritage and costume beauty. We’ve set out to design and produce products about the Intangible Cultural Heritage and look forward to the marketing of these products.”

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Editor: Monica Liu

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