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Guangdong - win-win partnership for Sino-Africa cooperation

2018-September-3       Source: Newsgd.com

Wale Oloko, the Consul-General of Nigeria in Guangzhou, is well versed in Chinese culture after living in Guangzhou for just one year.

Sino-Africa cooperation in 2 ways

Since the promotion of the Belt and Road Initiative, the cooperative activity between Africa and Guangdong has significantly increased, injectting new vitality into Sino-Africa cooperation.

According to Mr. Oloko, the Sino-Africa relationship can be described in two ways, the software and the hardware.

Mr. Oloko thinks the Sino-Africa relationship can be described in two ways. (Photo: Steven Yuen)

Mr. Oloko thinks the Sino-Africa relationship can be described in two ways. (Photo: Steven Yuen)

“Africa has a lot of resources while China has the technology to find those resources, so it complements each other in terms of hardware," Mr. Oloko said, “For example, We have oil and natural gas in Nigeria and many other countries in Africa, and China has the technology to help them to find the resources. That’s why since the opening-up in China, more African companies and consulates can be seen in Guangzhou than anywhere else.”

"The software is people to people exchanges, cultural development and tourism. I’d like to recommend Chinese visiting Africa to see the wildlife, and to get to know about Africa. A lot of Africans also now come to China for business, tourism and for education. Many African students in China major in engineering, information technology, Chinese language and literature and chemistry. This a reflection of the success of both the opening-up and the friendly Sino-Africa cooperation."

“I expect Nigerians to come here, to understand the culture of Chinese people, understand their laws, their expectations, and to interact with people here. Understanding the Chinese language will also help them to do business and hold activities in China.”

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