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Experts: better services for Africans in Guangzhou to promote China-Africa cooperation专家:进一步改善对广州非洲人服务,促进中非合作

2018-August-31       Source: Newsgd.com

The Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) 2018 Beijing Summit is scheduled for Sept. 3rd to 4th in the Chinese capital. Established 18 years ago in Beijing, the FOCAC has achieved fruitful results and has become a significant symbol of China-Africa cooperation. Many experts share their analyses on African businesspeople in Guangzhou who have facilitated China-Africa trade, and offer suggestions on improving services for these Africans to promote China-Africa cooperation.

Tabou rendered the famous Chinese song 'Jasmine' on 2018 Africa Day, Guangzhou [Photo / Steven, Newsgd.com]

Tabou presented singing performance on 2018 Africa Day, Guangzhou [Photo/Steven, Newsgd.com]

Introduce policies and institutions to attract foreign talents

As for improving services for Africans in Guangzhou, Professor Zhou and Dr. Zhou of SYSU made the following proposals.

According to them, strengthen immigration awareness on all fronts. Governments should introduce policies and institutions to attract international talents, especially skilled workers and investors, and set up service agencies in immigrant communities. It is the role of the media to help the public know more about immigrants’ cultures.

The second proposal is to regulate the development of immigrant communities. An excellent example is Dengfeng Community, which has become a new highlight of Guangzhou through improved regulation.

Meanwhile, outsourced non-governmental social service agencies should be involved deeply. For instance, Dengfeng Community Family Integrated Services Center is paid by the government to provide services including housing rental consultancy, translation, policy consultancy, medical assistance, etc., according to diverse needs of foreigners living in the city.

Professor Mao of GDUFS adds that more services should be improved by enhancing M visa policies, letting African overseas students volunteer in service programs for foreigners, and providing more Chinese courses for Africans in Guangzhou.

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