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Industry-university-research partnership develops new medical product

2018-May-16       Source: Newsgd.com

The real transformation is when clinical outcome not only can be produced successfully, but also when the product can benefit common people. ”

Led by Professor Zhong Nanshan of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, on May 15th, the industry-university-research partnership base of the Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Medicine (GIRM) launched new medical products.


Serval new products launched by GIRM. (Photo: Steven Yuen)

At an exhibition of the products, a special new device drew a lot of attention from guests.

“This is the first infrared imaging system to be able to detect Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) quickly in the world,” said Deng Xiufang, general manager of the Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Diseases Infrared Technology Co. Ltd. “The diagnosis success rate has reached 97%.”


Guest stands in front of the infrared imaging system. (Photo: Steven Yuen)

According to Deng, DVT is a disease which can be hard to be detect and often leads to pulmonary embolism, with a high risk of mortality.

Compared with traditional detection techniques for DVT, the infrared imaging system can cut the cost of a check up from about 3,000 to just 150 RMB per patient.

“We plan to develop the infrared imaging system to telemedicine so that more people can benefit from the advancement,” Deng indicated. “Patients can get results at home after they take and upload a photo to a cloud server which doctors can access in the hospital.”

“We should redefine what achieving transformation really means,” said Prof. Zhong. “The real transformation is when clinical outcome not only can be produced successfully, but also when the product can benefit common people. ”


Prof. Zhong Nanshan giving a speech at the press conference. (Photo: Steven Yuen)

"The practical application of scientific and technological achievements is trending in China," said Liu Yuelun, chairman of CPPCC Guangzhou Committee. "Guangzhou is encouraging scientific researchers to turn their achievement into commercially applicable products."

Guangzhou is now making efforts to develop its IAB industries (the next generation of information technology, artificial intelligence and bio-pharmaceuticals). As the core area for this development strategy, more than 7000 high-tech enterprises are now clustered in Huangpu District.

Zhou Rong, the general manger of GIRM, stated that 20 biomedical start-up companies have settled in the industry-university-research cooperation base in Huangpu District, specializing in medical products, biological products, medicine for curing respiratory diseases and more.


A series of contracts signed at the conference. (Photo: Steven Yuen)

The base aims to promote the commercialization of research results from the State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Disease so that everybody can take advantage of it. Furthermore, the base is encouraging more and more people to engage in bio-pharmaceutical research and development.

Talking about talent cultivation, Prof. Zhong indicated that it is divided in two parts, the first part is to attract talented individuals are specialised in a related field; the other part is to develop a learning-by-doing pattern which can enable junior staff to develop through practical experience.


Nanshan Foundation of Medical Developments donates 1 million RMB to Guangzhou Medical University in support of talent cultivation. (Photo: Steven Yuen)

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State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Disease launched new base in Guangzhou

According to Zhou, a new industry-university-research partnership base is being constructed in Nanhai District, Foshan.

Furthermore, GIRM is partnering with a bio-pharmaceutical company in Changchun to build a vaccine industry base for the cure of respiratory disease in Guangzhou. It is estimated that more than 1 billion RMB will be invested to this project.


Author: Steven Yuen

Editors: Simon Haywood, Olivia Yang

Editor: Steven

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