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[Bilingual]Canton Fair highlights intellectual property protection知识产权成广交会企业国际“通行证”

2018-April-25       Source: Newsgd.com

April 26 will mark the World Intellectual Property Day. As the largest trade fair in China which always reveals new domestic trends, the ongoing 123rd Canton Fair sees an increased number of upgraded “Made-in-China” brands focusing more on producing high-tech and green products.

IPR protection wins praise from both exhibitors and buyers

Walking around the exhibition hall, you see “No Photo” signs everywhere. Exhibitors are paying more attention to infringement and are actively seeking protection of their intellectual property rights at this year’s Canton Fair.

Zhu Xiaomei, CSO of Guangdong Xinbao Electrical Appliances, said Xinbao brought new products and technology every year, but only demonstrated it to clients in the VIP room. “We have also applied for patents on all of our products in China. And for some models, we even hold patents in overseas markets,” she added.

Zhu Xiaomei mentioned the complaint station for IPR and trade dispute that had been set up in every hall at the Canton Fair. “We have solved a few infringement cases through these stations in recent years,” she said, “for example, we found a copy cat at the Canton Fair last year and then immediately handed all the related materials to the station. It helped protect our rights and prevented further loss.”

The complaint station for IPR and trade dispute at the 123rd Canton Fair [Photo/Hu Nan]

As an important platform for encouraging innovation, the Canton Fair began attaching more and more importance to patent protection as early as 1999 when the complaint station for IPR and trade disputes was set up. The station has developed a protection system applicable to the actual practices of the fair and able to effectively punish violations of IPR.

To ensure a fair and open legal environment, Xu Bing, spokesman for the Canton Fair, said the fair had introduced both the national and the Guangdong IPR law enforcement departments to the station, and invited a team of arbitration and mediation experts for trade disputes. “We also plan to improve people’s knowledge of IP protection through discussion of some typical cases which have come up over the past few years,” he said.

The Canton Fair’s strategies to protect IPR also won praise from the overseas buyers. YongTseYun, a buyer from Malaysia, said he saw an infringement years ago. “An exhibitor we cooperated with used the trademark of an overseas brand when producing components. We solved this case via the complaint station,” he said, “but similar situations seem to seldom happen nowadays. I think this can be directly attributed to the fair’s efforts to protect IPR.”


Reported by Jasmine Yin, Li He, Wang Jiaxin

Edited by Wing Zhang, Simon Haywood

Editor: Jasmine

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