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Have you walked all seven of these old Guangzhou streets?

2017-October-13       Source: Newsgd.com

By visiting these seven old streets in Guangzhou, you will better understand the origins of Cantonese culture.

Sibei Tongjin: The past and present of Dongshan

Sibei Tongjin (寺贝通津) is home to a lot of historic mansions which combine elements of both Chinese and Western styles. Red bricks, white porches, and ochre-colored doors and windows. These mansions are very different from the earlier grey brick Xiguan Mansions.

This street is located in the Dongshan neighborhood which has become a popular destination due to its artistic and relaxing vibes. The former city suburb is dotted with small shops, stylish cafés and art venues and along with Donghu park is a great place to take a stroll during weekends.

Sibei Tongjin, is rather a strange name for a street. In case you were wondering why, let's take a more detailed look: There used to be hill named Eastern Hill (dongshan) on which there was a temple called The Dongshan Temple (‘Si’ 寺). ‘Bei’ (贝) means ‘shell’ and is a homophone of the character ‘bei’ (背) meaning ‘behind’, while ‘Tong’ (通) means ‘lead to’ and ‘jin’ (津) means ‘a wharf on a small river’. So together Sibei Tongjin can be interpreted as ‘the street behind Dongshan Temple, which leads to a wharf on a small river’.

(Author: Monica Liu; Editors: Simon Haywood, Wing Zhang)

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Editor: Monica Liu

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