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Laura Haddock and Isabela Moner talk about Transformers 5

2017-June-21       Source: Newsgd.com

The science-fiction blockbuster "Transformers 5: the final knight", will be released on June 23 in China. Female lead Laura Haddock and child star Isabela Moner accepted the exclusive interview from Newsgd.com.

The science-fiction blockbuster "Transformers 5: the final knight", directed by Michael Bay, will be released on June 23 in China.

Recently, the premiere of "Transformers 5" and the 10th anniversary celebration of "Transformers" series were held in Guangzhou Haixinsha Island. Director Michael Bay debut red carpet with the new female lead Laura Haddock, child star Isabela Moner, Josh Duhamel and Chinese singer Zhang Jie, and had interaction with the local Transformers fans.

Female lead Laura Haddock and child star Isabela Moner accepted the exclusive interview from Newsgd.com.

Transformers 5 debut in Guangzhou this Friday. [Photo/Xinhuanet]

Newsgd: Please introduce the role you play in the Transformers 5.

Isabela: Yeah, I play Izabella. A complete coincidence. I play this street-smart girl who has learned to defend herself, fight, and outsmart the government with her transformer friends including Canopy and Squeaks, these cute little blue guys who you will see a lot in the movie.

Laura: I played Viviane Wembly. She’s English and she’s an Oxford professor of medieval history. She’s very strong willed, strong minded, and tough. She plays polo. She’s stubborn. I think as the movie moves on we start to see how sarcastic and witty she could be.

Newsgd: What preparation had you done before Transformers 5 filming?

Laura: Yes, it is completely different to anything I’ve ever done. I did a lot of preparation, actually more physical preparation for this film than I’ve ever done for any other jobs. I just want to make sure I was really strong and really fit. I just had a baby so it is very important to me that I worked with a personal trainer who was sensitive to the fact that my body’s just changed a lot and been through that and she built me back up to a place that when I started the movie. I felt really prepared and fit, really ready to go.

Isabela: You know I had a bit of physical preparation. I've done movies before and I've been in trailers. I played in other films when I was younger, but this movie franchise meant so much more to me than other average film. I am glad to work along side Mark Wahlberg, who being in one of my favorite movies- The Departed.

Newsgd: How do you feel working with Mark?

Isabela: Yeah, you know, I worked with him a lot and he has really been a good guidance, a really good emotional support as well. Especially when I get really nervous during shooting, Mark would grab my hand and squeeze it and just let me know that everything is okay. Yeah it's alright to be nervous, it's human. We aren't all robots who are totally comfortable in every single situation.

Laura: Mark is wonderful. He’s such a lovely actor to work with. He set a really great precedent for the whole movie. He works so hard, I think everybody wants to work as hard as Mark and Michael. There were lots of funny moments. Shooting a movie together for 8 months, and you become a real family, so there’s a lot of tricks being played, and lots of giggles.

Newsgd: Please tell us the most impressive thing during shooting. And what was the biggest challenge ?

Laura: I was so lucky that my team around me made it possible for me to have my baby with me the whole time, so he came with me everywhere and never left my side. For me, it was the best year ever. I had the best thing that had ever happened to me in my life, and also was able to work as an actress has so much supports from the studio and director and have them there with me. So, I am very grateful to everybody who worked hard to make sure those good things could happen.

Isabela: The biggest challenge on shooting was probably just staying awake or just staying like full energy and ready to do the next scene, ready to run a lot. It was basically like a rollercoaster during the six months. But you create a family, you create a group of people that we are going through all of this together. It's cool.

Newsgd: Any working plan in the future?

Laura: Well, I’ve spent the first half of this year being a mummy, which has been amazing and I’ve been writing a lot. Moving on to the second half we’ll see, there are a few things in the pipeline. We will just have to wait and see.

Isabela: Yeah. I just finished filming. I think it's coming out at the end of the year-Soldado. It's the Sicario sequel with Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin. I play the female lead. It is a drug lord's daughter and I'm in a very conflicting position in the movie as well.

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