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Video | Now this snack in Dangal goes viral! Try it in Guangzhou

2017-May-29       Source: Newsgd.com

Recently, an Indian hot movie Dangle (摔跤吧!爸爸) is very famous across China. In the movie, there is a snack called Paani Poori thrust into the spotlight by Aamir Khan's two daughters.


1、puffed papri

2、boiled and diced potatoes

3、boiled chick peas

4、diced onion

5、mint leaves

6、lemon juice

7、black pepper

Break a hole in the center of the thinner side of the poorie, and fill with a little potato and chick pea and Sonth (Sonth ki Chutney), then fill with the paani and eat the whole poorie immediately.

paani poori这个小吃是用油炸好的空心球,先在顶部开一个小洞,一般会加一些去皮煮熟的土豆、黄豆、洋葱,然后再浇一些酱汁(有薄荷叶、柠檬汁、黑胡椒等)

最后还会给你一个装了调料的碗,然后你用gol gappa 舀一点调料。即可食用。

Want to know the president's menu?

Q1:When Obama visited India, you are one of the chefs to cook for Obama. What courses did you made?


Madan Singn cooked for US former president Barack Obama.

A:I made 3 courses. They are Chicken Biryani, Lamb Galouti Kebab, and Malai chicken Tikka. I am good at cooking them, so they chose me to cook these courses for Obama. These 3 courses are also available in our restaurant now. The most popular one is the Malai chicken Tikka.

当时我为总统先生烹制了我最拿手的三道菜,有鸡肉焖饭,一口化羊肉和醇香烤鸡肉。 这三道菜也在我现在工作的餐厅Ice Cube Bar&Grill(冰聚)菜单上,在广州最受客人欢迎的是醇香烤鸡肉。

Q2:Have you localize your dishes to cater to Cantonese?


A:Yes. I would like to keep the authentic Indian cooking style, but change the flavor a little bit. In India, people like to eat very spicy food. However, people here prefer not that spicy flavor. Thus, I put more sweet and sour sauce instead of chili.


Q3:In Guangdong, can you find all the ingredient you need?


A:Yeah. We need fresh ingredients to keep the dishes in good quality. Vegetables and imported seasonings can be found in the fresh market here. It is very convenient for us to buy ingredients.


Q4: Has Guangdong cuisine inspired you to make some new courses?


A: Here, one of the popular course is fired chicken wings. In India, people don’t like to eat chicken wings. Actually, they don’t like chicken fat and skin, and so they usually peel them off. However, Guangdong people love the original chicken piece. Thus, we made chicken wings in Indian flavor. Almost all the guests would like to order this course.


Where can I enjoy typical Indian foods?

Ice Cube Bar&Grill


Location: 5#, Jianshe 3rd Road, Paco Hotel Near Dong Feng Dong Road


BY Jecey & Xiaowen

Editor: Steven

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