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Festival to bring art deep into community in Guangzhou

2017-April-21       Source: Newsgd.com

Starting from April till September this year, the six-month long OCC Arts Festival will present a series of local and international art activities at the park, with the intent of building and activating the cultural and artistic atmosphere of the community.

Festival team members and a kid enjoy running on the runway of fallen leaves. [Photo provided by Fei Architects & Fei Gallery]

Lin Siyan, member of the Festival group, told the reporter that they built a runway out of colorful leaves with the original intention to show the process of leaves turning from green to yellow; unexpectedly, kids love running on the runway; when she asked them why, they said running on leaves of different colors made different sounds; it was a nice surprise for her and her teammates.

“Our initial thoughts might be a little bit idealistic, while tactical urbanism refers to a collection of low-cost, temporary changes intended to improve local neighborhoods, so Sue Anne shared with us her experiences and cases in this field, which showed us a lot what we don’t see before,” said Lin Siyan.

“At the beginning, we were confused and had no idea what we were doing. Sue Anne hoped we could do something more interesting to attract residents across the wall to come here,” told Chen Gengyu, another member of the Festival group, “After we made it, we realized the outcome was unexpectedly amazing. The kids and their parents or grandparents enjoy spending time in this place a lot, and we get acquainted with each other soon. Now when I bump into them on the street, they will say hello to me.”

Kerry Clare (R) talks with a student about the installation. [Photo provided by Fei Architects & Fei Gallery]

“This workshop is of great value to the teaching. Not only have the students recognised the value of community, they have also understood that design is more than working on drawing and design is for people,” said Gao Wei, associate professor of the School of Forestry & Landscape Architecture, SCAU.

As the director of the workshop, Sue Anne spoke highly of the students and their works. She said the students were a little shy at first, but as they got more and more comfortable with the community, they and the community took over, and it really became a collaboration rather than just a little bit of talking and doing something pretty.

Sue Anne (M, front) gives presents to teachers and guests. [Photo provided by Fei Architects & Fei Gallery]

Having been staying in China for years, Sue Anne pointed out there are many places in Guangzhou where art can be brought into community and life, and suggested that the next workshop should be in a community, not necessary in a special art place, so as to help the residents rethink their spaces, but also help landscape architects learn about how the residents use the landscape.

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Editor: Monica Liu

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