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Art exhibitions ongoing in Guangzhou (mid-to-end of April)

2017-April-17       Source: Newsgd.com

Featuring over 90 fine artworks such as precious articles, paintings and calligraphy works, the exhibition is ongoing at Guangdong Museum.

Chen Jinchao’s work [Photo by Xie Zuanzhe]

“Attaching to Appearances” —Two Person Exhibition of Chen Jinchao and You Dongkun

“Appearances of Unmoving Suchness” features representative works of You Dongkun and Chen Jinchao. You Dongkun delivers his understanding of corresponding relationship by taking mirror-image as “appearance” in his “Reflection” series, and his “In Perfect Tranquility” series lead the audience into an enlightened cognitive process and state where emptiness is also observed as something empty.

It can be observed from Chen Jinchao’s works featuring dried ink blocks and scrolls a process where he simplifies, extracts and reshapes cultural elements by taking off culture’s cloak, and his “Basic Elements” clearly reflects a young artist’s unique temperament of daring to criticize the established criteria and seeking for breakthroughs.

You Dongkun's work [Photo by Xie Zuanzhe]

The phrase “attaching to appearances” is derived from “free from any attachment to appearances and keeping the mind in perfect tranquility” in The Diamond Sutra, here it means expressing what is sensed. The post-modern age has seen obvious changes to many artists’ objects of perception and methods of depiction: they used to focus on depicting objects’ “appearances”, while now they have become more active to engage and depict the complexity of the cognitive methods and processes; and they also have shifted the emphasis on the results or the “appearances” they have caught to the experience they encounter during the process.

Duration: 2017.4. 15 — 6. 1

Opening Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10:00 AM— 18:00 PM

Venue: 33 Contemporary Center, 33/F,Tower A, Victory Plaza, 103 Tiyu West Road, Guangzhou

Nearby metro station: Tiyu Xilu, Line 1 or 3

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Editor: Monica Liu

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