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A touch of Chinese culture in Guangzhou with Newsgd.com

2017-January-16       Source: Newsgd.com

On the afternoon of Jan. 14, Newsgd.com invited a group of foreign friends to enjoy a gathering at the 289 Art Park in Guangzhou.

[Photo: Newsgd.com/Xiaowen]

After Professor Ni Kuan’s introduction, the foreign guests started to practice their calligraphy. Jirka from Belgium chose to write the character bao in traditional form which was very complex and hard to write. Gaspar wrote the character fu in joined-up writing. Kelvin’s calligraphy work even had hollow strokes (as if done with a half-dry brush) and that was really skilled pencraft.

When being asked how she liked calligraphy, Jirka told the reporter that it’s amazing to have so much meaning in only a few strokes, and she found it’s beautiful that as well the words as the lay out are balanced to create a Spring Festival couplet. She also said she liked the energy of Guangzhou and the speed of life here and enjoyed visiting the Guangzhou Parcs during the Spring Festival because she could better enjoy its beauty.


[Photo: Newsgd.com/Xiaowen]

Kevin is from the UK and has been living in Guangzhou for two years. This is not his first time to write Chinese calligraphy, and that’s why he was pretty skilled at writing it. He chose to write the character fu because he thought the character was very poetic.

Jenny from Canada told the reporter that she has been living in Guangzhou for four years and this is the fifth Spring Festival she is going to spend in China. In the past, she would spend a traditional Spring Festival with her friends, but this year she needs to work during the holiday.

[Photo: Newsgd.com/Xiaowen]

After the calligraphy writing, all the guests took a tour around the showplace to view the redwood furniture. Originated from the Ming Dynasty, redwood furniture is high-quality and conveys deep grand cultural connotations, which is far beyond its practical functions.

(By Monica)

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Editor: Monica Liu

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