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双语 | Frank Zwerts: Guangdong and Limburg have the same DNA 法兰克•斯瓦兹:广东和林堡同气连枝

2016-December-26       Source: Newsgd.com

Frank Zwerts, Director of “Locate in Limburg” Organization and one of the members of the Limburg delegation, who has visited China 59 times, shared his opinion on the future cooperation between Guangdong and Limburg with Newsgd.com.

Q:In 2015, Guangdong and Limburg have established the sister-province relationship. Limburg also expressed the hope that Chinese individuals and corporations could invest in Limburg, what benefits and conveniences could Limburg offer to Chinese individuals and corporations?

A: If you look general to a country like Belgium, it proceeds to be very complex in its (cultural) context and structures. In order to help people and guide them to make of the differences of the regulations, we set up the “Located in Limburg” organization. We can help you to set up your business in our province and basically guide you to realize our regulations.

Corda Campus, one of the innovative infrastructures in Limburg.

Corda Campus, one of the innovative infrastructures in Limburg. (Photo provided by Limburg Government)

Actually, our officers are also the businessmen themselves so they have experienced the similar process as the companies that we want to attract. We don’t talk too many strategic things but we will tell you what should do and how to do.

Besides, we can offer tax breaks. We have a schedule which has been approved by the European Commission. That means certain investment in certain areas could have a special tax incentive. We can of course offer to Chinese companies.

Q: Do you think Guangdong Province is a good place to attract the investments from Limburg? In your opinion, what advantages does Guangdong Province have for foreign countries?

A: China is the biggest populated country in the world. But if you look at the DNA how the structure is built up, Guangdong and Limburg are similar to each other. You have high ambitions and we have high ambitions. We upgrade from minor industries to high-tech industries. We have already started the upgrading process in about fifteen years ago but for Guangdong it is recent history. You have a lot of people who are very opened for the conversations. You have a lot of capital going around here so there are a lot of adventurers. I think those are your advantages.

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