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China Hotel, A Marriot Hotel presents exclusive Zongzi for the coming Dargon-boat Festival

2018-May-23       Source: Newsgd.com

With the Dragon Boat Festival coming up around the corner, China Hotel, A Marriott Hotel is proud to boast that they are preparing just for you various exotic festive Zongzi, also known as glutinous rice dumplings, utilizing only the most exclusive produces to deliver mouth-watering aromas and flavours such as Wagyu beef, pork, Shitake mushrooms, chestnuts, Chinese sausage and many more.

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端午佳节将至,中国大酒店推出多款用料上乘、制作精良的端午粽子。甄选优质食材,以传统方式制作,飘香回甘,口感软糯,始“粽”如一。今年新推出的 “金砖和牛粽”受到大众青睐,新颖创意的“金砖”造型,以雪花和牛为馅料,馈赠亲朋好友更表诚心美意。端午食粽是中华民族民间节日端午节的传统习俗,寄托着我们对悠久历史传统文化的坚守,对优良传统美德的尊重。始“粽“如一的匠心制作,始”粽“如一的传统味道。本日起至2018年6月15日,多款口味的咸甜粽子以及端午粽礼盒、礼包已在中国大酒店四季厅、食街及大堂商铺“悦”热售中。

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Q:Where can I enjoy Cantonese cuisine?

A:As a province full of foodies, you can enjoy typical and various kinds of Cantonese cuisine here.

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