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Foreign Organization

Preparing New Year goods is essential for Chinese people as a symbol of greeting the upcoming year with a brand new look.
Marked as the 25th Anniversary of the Diplomatic Relations between China and Israel, the Consul General of Israel in Guangzhou held “Ride with Wind” art exhibition at F10 in Redtory, Guangzhou.

GD Expats

Weiss is a 58-year-old Frenchman who first came to Shenzhen in 1982 for travel and was immediately impressed by Shenzhen as a place “completely different from my country.”
We provide a platform for expats and overseas Chinese from countries and regions to share their experiences and thoughts about Guangdong. Join us, and you will get well paid for your stories.
A growing number of people in China are taking up the game of golf, but Canadian Dan Webb said that most of them don’t understand what golf is and think that they can just learn it like it is badminton, basketball or soccer.

Food & Health

Austria introduces compulsory covered poultry stalls amid bird flu concerns

Austria on Tuesday introduced a compulsory requirement that poultry be kept in covered stalls, as the country declared to be an area of increased risk of bird-flu virus, the local newspaper Krone reported.


A new dissolving stent that has the potential to save lives has been used for the first time in Victoria, Australia.


A single magic bullet to eradicate malaria around the world is unlikely after scientists in London discovered the impact of super-infected mosquitos.


Language Learning

Europe calls for mandatory 'kill switches' on robots

European lawmakers have proposed that robots be equipped with emergency "kill switches" to prevent them from causing excessive damage. Legislators have also suggested that robots be insured and even be made to pay taxes.

One of Victoria Beckham's biggest regrets when it comes to aesthetics - possibly more than any possible fashion faux - was her much talked-about move to enhance her bosom.

Finland has started a radical experiment: It's giving 2,000 citizens a guaranteed income, with funds that keep flowing whether participants work or not.


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