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Top 10 satisfying tourist attraction to enjoy weekend around GZ

2018-August-10       Source: Newsgd.com

Short trip within the province might be a good choice for relaxing on weekend.

Top 3 Guangdong Science Center in Guangzhou

Located in the University Town in Guangzhou, Guangdong Science Center is a large comprehensive science museum focusing on its four functions of popular science education, science and technology achievements exhibition, academic exchange, and science tour, serving as the major venue for science education in China and Asia, and representative of national “Green Architecture”, important window to show Guangdong science and technology achievement, as well as the city card of Guangzhou.

Top 4 Baiyu Mountain Resort in Guangzhou

Baiyun Mountain refers to the mountain range located 15 km north of downtown Guangzhou and is made up of about 30 peaks, with an area of 28 square kilometers. Over the course of history, Baiyun Mountain have earned the titles of “Top Beauty of Guangzhou” and “First Mountain of Lingnan”. Its highest peak, Moxing Ridge is 382 m (1,253 ft) high, which is also called the “First Peak under the Southern Sky”. Wander inside the resort, you will find eight scenic spots: Luhu Park, Fei’e Ridge, Santai Ridge, Mingchungu Valley, Kezi Ridge, Monxing Ridge, Mingzhulou Scenic Area, and Heyi Ridge.

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