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Exhibition in memory of Xu Guangping to open on March 8th

2018-March-8       Source: newsgd.com

2018 marks the 120th birthday of Xu Guangping, partner, assistant and former student of Lu Xun (1881-1936), one of China’s greatest writers.

Xu Guangping in 1920s.

Story of Xu Guangping

Xu Guangping was born in Panyu Country, in Guangdong Province in 1898 to a wealthy landlord family. In 1917, she manged to escape the unwanted marriage and went to northern city Tianjin to study.

During her time studying in Beijing Women's Normal, she met Lu Xun, teacher of Chinese fiction class and the two began correspondence in 1925.

Xu becomes Lu Xun's personal assistant, transcribing writings, translating speeches into Cantonese, etc. in fall of 1927.

On Sept. 27, 1929, she gave birth to their only offspring, Haiying (literally "Shanghai infant"). With the birth of Haiying, Xu's role shifted to that of mother.

Xu abandoned any literary ambitions she might have had for herself (she had written essays in Beijing and some in Guangzhou) and became, essentially, LX's personal secretary.

After LX's death in 1936, Xu focused her energies primarily on Lu Xun legacy. She did this out of a sincere respect and admiration for "the soul of China". Among other things, Xu was closely involved in the publication of the first Chinese edition of the complete works of LX (1938) and many other publishing ventures associated with LX and his writings. After 1949, in addition to continuing to develop the legacy of LX, Xu was also involved in the Chinese women's movement. She died of a heart attack in 1968.

Author: Sylvia

Editor: Olivia

Source: Newsgd & Life of Guangzhou

Editor: Sylvia Xu

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