Qingming Festival
Qingming Festival, also called Tomb Sweeping Day, is a traditional Chinese festival. In Chinese, Qingming (清明) means 'clearness' and 'brightness'. At the beginning of April, it becomes noticeably warmer and brighter, and people start to wear light cloths and walk outside to feel the growth in spring.
Tomb Sweeping
On Qingming Festival, tomb sweeping is one of the most important and popular activities to show respect to ancestors. People commemorate and show respect to their ancestors by visiting their graves, offering food, tea or wine, burning incense, burning or offering joss paper (representing money), etc.
Spring Outing
Qingming is also called Taqing Festival. Taqing (踏青) means a spring outing, when people get out and enjoy the spring blossoms. It marks the beginning of the season when people spend more time outside as the weather warms up.
Flying Kites
Flying kites is also an important custom enjoyed by many people, young and old, during the Qingming Festival. In the past, people cut the string to let the kite fly freely. People believe that this custom can bring good luck and eliminate diseases.
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