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“Discovering talent for science and technology from primary school onwards”

2017-November-8       Source: Newsgd.com

How do you get children interested in technology from the primary school onwards?

How do you get children interested in technology from the primary school onwards?

The answer is surprisingly simple. “With Lego”, says the Provincial Deputy for Education Jean-Paul Peuskens. “Because Lego also involves motors, sensors and related software among other things. Children acquire an interest in technology by playing with and using these items”.

As part of this Discover Technical Talent project, the Provincial educational support services centre has developed a network of more than 400 nursery and primary schools which, in collaboration with 26 secondary education schools, will help children discover their own technical talent in a fun-filled atmosphere within the classroom setting.

1 million Euros of extra resources will be deployed not only to purchase the necessary materials, but also for the deployment of technology trainers to train and guide teaching staff.

Involving parents

The project also focuses on parents. The schools can use parent cards to explain to parents why they are using

Lego Education in the classroom. Because technology has now become an inseparable part of our contemporary society

For example, just think of how we use smartphones in our day-to-day lives, or the many automated appliances in the household, the latest new gadgets in our cars, etc.

From 20 October to 5 November 2017, 28 Limburg libraries will also collaborate with Discover Technical Talent

under the ‘digital week’ initiative in Flemish libraries.


Finally, Discover Technical Talent also seeks to bring the business community and the education sector together. “Teachers will undergo 1 day of training in companies each year. That will help them establish a clear link between

the classroom and the workplace. Companies will also develop greater familiarity with the educational institutions in their area. Thus, this will give rise to fruitful partnerships or class visits.”

Source: Limburg.be

Editor: Steven

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