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【双语】 A guide to Guangzhou 2017 Talent Green Card application

2017-June-26       Source: Newsgd.com

Guangzhou is going all-out to lure more foreign talents as to achieve its goal of becoming a national innovation central city and an international hub city.

Who can apply?

  • In principle, Green Card applicant should be under 55 years old and must have worked in Guangzhou for at least 6 months. Application requirements for only foreign talents include:


1. Foreign high-end talents who hold either Foreign Expert Certificate or Foreigner’s Work Permit (Category A); Foreign talents who are working in Guangdong Pilot Free Trade Zone Nansha Area of Guangzhou and are certificated as talents by Administration of Free Trade Zone.


2. Foreign talents working in Guangzhou with annual income over 600,000 yuan and annual individual income tax payment over 120,000 yuan.


  • Foreign talents who meet one of the following requirements can also apply for a Green Card.


3. Those who are certificated as high-level, high-skilled talents by the city’s authority.


4. High-level overseas talents with experience of studying, working and starting up business abroad are qualified, including:


Experts and scholars who serve as associate professors or above in famous foreign universities and scientific research institutes;


Talents who have held senior research or management positions in international well-known enterprises (or World Top 500 enterprises) for over 3 years;


Leading talents who own core technology and independent intellectual property rights; their technological fruits should reach international or domestic advanced level, and have good market prospect and the potential to turn their R&D results to mass production.


Leading talents who have a wealth of start-up experience in foreign countries, and they set up business in Guangzhou in key industries, bringing in technology, projects and fund.


5. Experts who have worked for over 10 years in their professions and hold a high title or above.


6. Talented people who have both master and doctor degree of of Project 211 or Project 985 in China; Talented people who have a master degree or above of top 300 universities in the world.


7. Senior technicians that Guangzhou is in urgent need of


8. Those who are acknowledged as talents with special skills by the city’s authority and their specialty must be geared to the city’s development needs.


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Editor: Steven

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