Must-do prep for prosperous Spring Festival in China
As the Spring Festival getting close, it's time to do some preparation from now.
Just what do people eat for Spring Festival in Guangdong?
Guangdong has long been regarded as a renowned paradise of diverse and wonderful foods. So what manner of special food might there be for the biggest event of the year, Spring Festival?
Where to buy the best and cheapest Spring Festival goodies
If you want to experience the local festive atmosphere, then why not visit some of these traditional spots for some Spring Festival shopping.
Culture Insider: Little New Year
Here are six things you should know about the Little New Year, another sign of the start of spring.
Expats try their hand at making dim sum
“I like the Cantonese food very much. For me, the fish & vegetable dumpling is heaven.” said Stephan Mohler, an expert from Switzerland, this is his 9th year in Guangzhou.
Picture books feature 24 Chinese solar terms
A set of picture books featuring the scientific principles and customs related to the 24 Chinese solar terms has recently been published.
How to meme during the Spring Festival holiday
As China's Spring Festival approaches, various memes are being saved in mobile phones so people can chat with the friends and family with whom they'll spend the holiday.
How did the ancient royal court celebrate Spring Festival?
Do you know how the ancient emperors celebrated Spring Festival in the royal court? Let's investigate.
Top eight trendy scenic spots favored by the youth in Guangzhou
Here are the top eight trendy scenic spots recommended by Shen for you to explore in Guangzhou.
Must-try Cantonese dishes for newcomers to Guangzhou
White cut chicken is the first must-try dish recommended by Liang who points out that for Guangdong people, no chicken, no banquet.
How to pick the right hotel for your stay in Guangzhou
Not only can you stay in a luxury hotel or a business hotel, you can also choose a boutique hotel or a bed and breakfast.
Top seven scenic spots for your first visit to Guangzhou
You are new to the city of Guangzhou and want to get a glimpse of the city spirit and its traditional culture. Wondering where to go? Zhou Zhihong has good suggestion.
Expert to show you the beauty of Lingnan architecture
In Guangzhou many historical Lingnan architecture are well preserved. Want to know the beauty of culture in Lingnan architecture? Tang Xiaoxiang has all the answers.
Enjoy Spring Festival with buffets at high-end hotels in Guangzhou
For those expats who may stay in Guangzhou for the holiday, you can enjoy this special time of the year with family or friends at the following high-end hotels in Guangzhou.
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