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Foreign Organization

The European Business in China Awards 2019 will kick off at the Hilton Hotel Futian, Shenzhen on March 15.
On November 9th, the Consulate General of Republic of Belarus in Guangzhou held an opening ceremony at Zhujiang New Town.

GD Expats

In Guangzhou, Big Ha is known as a legendary figure. He has excellent Mandarin writing and listening skills.
Good morning, Guangzhou. Good morning, Greater Bay Area. It’s another day full of opportunity.
Thanks to a resume of characters in Chinese and Russian movies and TV dramas, and years of hard work, Shenzhen-based Russian actress Selena Anikieva landed a role in acclaimed film director Stephen Chow’s movie “The New King of Comedy,” which is now being screened in China.
Baby Aly Side, a Malian who has been living in China for 8 years, is working in the cross-border e-commerce business in the city and has established his own company here.

Food & Health

China's catering industry exceeds 4 trln yuan in 2018

China's food and beverage (F&B) industry posted a record high of 4.27 trillion yuan (636 billion U.S. dollars) in revenue in 2018, the China Cuisine Association said Sunday.
American scientists found that catch-up sleep on the weekend couldn't repay the weekday sleep debt and such an inconsistent schedule might make things worse.
During summer there's a few things that are just too hot to consider eating. No need to get overheated, there are some Chinese foods that are made to chill your bones. If you're spending your summer in China, keep an eye out for these cool Chinese foods, you could find your new favorite dish.

Language Learning

Tips for expats to learn Cantonese

In Guangzhou, Big Ha is known as a legendary figure. He has excellent Mandarin writing and listening skills.
People who choose to study in a Business Mandarin course have their reasons for doing so. Many of which starts with career goals, making investments that are in China, or working with Chinese organizations.
Just as learning the alphabet, vowels and consonants are the foundation of English, Learning Chinese pinyin and the 4 tones will be the first steps for you to master learning Mandarin.

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