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Foreign Organization

Titled “Indonesia’s economy update: Dividends of reforms”, a symposium was held by the Indonesian Consulate General to provide an update on Indonesia’s economy in Guangzhou on March 16, 2017.
March 8, the International Women’s Day, over 6,300 female passengers of the China Southern Airlines on over 50 selected domestic flights received a bracelet with preserved premium fresh Ecuadorian roses.

GD Expats

“Things are different in Latin America: the app, the language, the function and the appearance. I tell them how to adapt their products to Western culture,” said Jara.
“I guess I wanted to see the greatest economic explosion of the early 21st century firsthand, and Shenzhen seemed like the best place to go!”

With a bachelor’s degree in social anthropology, King wants to explore his career path, starting with teaching. However, his plan didn’t start out very well when he first stepped into a class to teach oral English.


According to a new regulation issued by Ministry of Transport of China, adults and children are required to show their ID cards or passports when they buy tickets of long-distance bus.


Food & Health

A pint a day linked to reduced risk of heart attack

Drinking one pint a day has been linked to reduced risk of developing several serious heart conditions in a new large-scale study.

Naps are the bomb — just ask Corinne from “The Bachelor,” Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman, Chrissy Teigen, or any celebrity you know.

Nearly two-thirds of cancer mutations are attributable to random DNA copying errors that occur naturally as healthy cells divide.


Language Learning

Tokyo 2020: Golf course bows to pressure over female membership

After weeks of criticism, Japan's Kasumigaseki Country Club has voted to admit women as full members for the first time.

"What would have happened if I never found wuxiaworld and been able to stave off my addiction? I really want to say I feel your novels have probably saved my life so thank you... really."

Paris 2024 Olympic bid directors rejected on Wednesday the notion of hosting the 2028 Games, saying their target was the 2024 edition, reflecting the position of rival bidders Los Angeles.


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