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“Shenzhen is indeed a gateway city in South China with a booming economy that continues to grow and support rapid business expansion,” said Peter Wynne, Area Vice President Hotel Operations - Asia Pacific of Hard Rock International.

What are the three categories of the new work permit system? How to get high score? What convenience would the high-end talents gain through the new system?

The second edition of GOAL football tournament organized by MoneyGram, global provider of innovative money transfers, concluded recently with “Future FC 1” taking home the title of Guangzhou Champions.
“Guangzhou is really big and oriental, and its people are open-minded,” said Joyce Jonathan, French singer and songwriter at an exclusive interview with Newsgd.com on May 30, 2017 right before she gave a concert in Guangzhou.

Food & Health

Study: Vitamin E-deficient embryos cognitively impaired

New research at Oregon State University (OSU) shows that zebrafish deficient in vitamin E produce offspring beset by behavioral impairment and metabolic problems.


Hepatitis C can be eliminated from New Zealand within the next 20 years but to achieve this, testing and treatment in primary care must be increased, Health Minister Jonathan Coleman said on Friday.


Half of Australian children have been prescribed antibiotics in their first year, researchers found in a study published on Friday.


Language Learning

Adobe to kill off Flash plug-in by 2020

Adobe Systems has said that it plans to phase out its Flash Player plug-in by the end of 2020.


An eight-year-old boy in China was so desperate to spend time with his father before the summer holidays ended that he sent a letter to his father's employer.


The more specific your word choice, the better insight you have into exactly how you are feeling, what caused it, and what you should do about it.


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