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Top eight trendy scenic spots favored by the youth in Guangzhou

2019-February-2       Source: Newsgd.com

Here are the top eight trendy scenic spots recommended by Shen for you to explore in Guangzhou.

In Guangzhou, many scenic spots embodying both modern and traditional cultures are on trend for the youth. These places are full of vitality, creative elements and fashion concepts, brings special fun for the tourists.

Shen Lili is an ace tour guide in Guangzhou, a senior tour guide certified by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the secretary-general of Guangzhou Tour Guide Association. She has all kinds of knowledge about the city at her fingertips and is very familiar with all the trendy scenic spots favored by the youth.

Here are the top eight trendy scenic spots recommended by Shen for you to explore in Guangzhou.

◎ Party Pier

Blending the charm of the Pearl River with modern architecture, the Zhujiang Party Pier Beer Culture and Art Zone stands along the river overlooking the sparkling Haixinsha Asian Games Park and Zhujiang New Town across the river. Occupying 20,000 square meters and with over 800 meters of shoreline, this hot spot is for partying and painting, food and fun. Here you can relax with your friends, lean against the railings by the river, drink bottles of beer and chat long into the night.

Nearby metro station: Canton Tower, Line 3, then transfer to Guangzhou Trams, and get off at Party Pier station.

◎ Redtory

Located at the east side of Zhujiang New Town, Redtory is built upon the original Yingjinqian Canned Food Factory with a dozen of intact old buildings. It is a precious creative district replete with artistry and cultural atmosphere and has nourished comprehensive cultural industries. Since the establishment, Redtory has attracted famous galleries, designer and artist’s studios, art spaces, media, academic/art organizations, fashion stores, clubs, cafes to build up their offices or shops in the district.

Nearby metro station: Yuancun, Line 5

◎ TIT Creative Industry Zone

Located on the central axis of Guangzhou, the TIT Creative Industry Zone a venue known for its fashion chic and old-factory-style studios. Originally the half-century old Guangzhou Textile Machinery Factory, TIT has attracted a lot of camera buffs and fans from all over with its vital fashion culture and neat garden layout. The green garden is dotted with old-fashion brick houses which have seen an interior turnover from busy workshops to cutting-edge fashion shops or studios. It is also a fashion wind vane in south China by catching the latest trends and building a bridge connecting brands with consumers.

Nearby metro station: Kecun, Line 3 or 8

◎ Huangpu Ancient Port

Huangpu Ancient Port once witnessed the prosperity of the Maritime Silk Road and has played an important role in overseas trade since the Song Dynasty (960-1279). As early as the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), the port has been a gathering place for ships coming from all across the south. The views here are delicate and exquisite. The surroundings, with flowers and grass growing in front of and at the back of the buildings along with the cane chairs in the yard, will make you feel laid back and at ease.

Nearby metro station: Wanshengwei, Line 4 or 8, then transfer to Bus No. 229 and get off at the terminal.

◎ Taigucang Wharf

Taigucang Wharf, a place full with uniqueness, creativity, reminiscence and modernity. Located in Haizhu District, it was built during 1904-1908 by a British firm for Taigucang steamship company. Now, it contains the old wharf, a unique warehouse cinema, and many original restaurants. It is a nice place to have friend meeting or enjoy the Pearl River view.

Nearby metro station: Shayuan, Line 8

◎ Haixinsha Island

Haixinsha Island, where the opening and closing ceremonies of the Sixteenth Asian Games were held, is the 21st century new city CBD of Guangzhou-Zhujiang New Town. Nearby is Ersha Island, Guangzhou Bridge, Liede Bridge, Haizhu Island and Canton Tower. It is the perfect spot for viewing the night scene of the Pearl River.

Nearby metro station: Haixinsha, APM Line

◎ K11 Art Mall Guangzhou

K11 Art Mall Guangzhou aims to forge the first interactive art complex, based on three core brand philosophies - art, humanity and nature. Here, you can buy luxury and famous brands, hang out at boutique supermarkets, watch movies in giant cinemas and experience an stage hanging in the air.


Nearby metro station: Huacheng Dadao, APM Line

◎ Beijing Road Pedestrian Street

As one of the most famous commercial streets in Guangzhou, Beijing Road Pedestrian Street is a sure a paradise for shoppers and dinners alike. Here you have a wider choices of food from all over Asia, inculiding Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean restaurants. Even if you are not going to shop, you can enjoy a wonderful journey there by walking on the ancient paths and viewing the old lanes.

Nearby metro station: Beijing Lu, Line 6; Gongyuanqian, Line 1 or 2

Reported by Monica Liu

Edited by Wing Zhang

Editor: Monica Liu

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