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Guangdong deputies propose more high-end laboratories to retain global talents

2018-March-6       Source: Newsgd.com

During a panel meeting on Monday, deputies from Guangdong discussed possible ways to attract and retain global talents...

A panel meeting is held among NPC deputies from Guangdong yesterday on March 5. [Photo\Southcn.com]

China will empower innovation teams and leaders by seeing that they have more human, financial, and material resources at their disposal and more power to make decisions related to technology roadmaps, Premier Li Keqiang said Monday morning in a government work report delivered to the first session of the 13th National People's Congress.

During a panel meeting on Monday, deputies from Guangdong discussed possible ways to attract and retain global talents, and suggested that the province should continuously optimize policies and construct more high-end platforms for talents, compared to snatching them from other places.

Wang Ruijun, head of Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province, said that various talent policies had been released nationwide, Guangdong should upgrade its strategies and provide what the innovation talents need for development.

“One of our major strategies now is to build up more open and high-end platforms. For example, we launched four provincial laboratories last year,” said Wang Ruijun, “we see more domestic and overseas talents have been attracted to Guangdong in recent years, and we will keep progressing in the future.”

Li Yong, a Guangdong NPC deputy, said the province should continuously better living conditions for talents instead of simply giving them a huge amount of subsidies for one time. “We can consider permanent residency application and advantageous policies for house purchase and loan,” said Li, “on the other, we need to have an open platform for feedback, giving them the sense of belonging.”


Reported by Jasmine Yin

Edited by Olivia Ouyang

Editor: Jasmine

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