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ICCFED 2017 Convened in Guangzhou

2017-September-21       Source: Newsgd.com

On 21st September, the International Consultative Conference on the Future Economic Development of Guangdong Province (ICCFED) was convened in Guangzhou.

ICCFED 2017 Convened in Guangzhou (Photo: ICCFED official website)

Governor Ma Xingrui Made a Speech ----

Aggregate High-End Elements & Promote Integrated Development of Industry, Finance and Technology

On 21st September, the International Consultative Conference on the Future Economic Development of Guangdong Province (ICCFED) was convened in Guangzhou. Governor of Guangdong Province Mr. Ma Xingrui delivered a report during the conference. Focusing on the theme of the conference—aggregate high-end elements and promote integrated development of industry, finance and technology—he and 12 advisors shared their respective successful experience with each other and exchanged advanced ideas in the world, thus enhancing the cooperation between Guangdong province and the advisory organizations and accelerating the restructuring of Guangdong economy.

During his report, Governor Ma Xingrui pointed out that 35 constructive and feasible suggestions were proposed by advisors in the 2015 ICCFED under the theme of “Enhancing International Cooperation to Promote Innovation and Achieve Win-Win Development”. In the past two years, the Provincial Government of Guangdong thought highly of these suggestions. The government established panels to study and assess these suggestions so that plans of implementation can be carried out. From 2015 till now, Guangdong Government has endeavored to accelerate the restructuring of Guangdong economy, to improve recycling and efficient utilization of resources, to optimize business environment in Guangdong, to stimulate financial innovation, to encourage entrepreneurship and to train personnel. So far, Guangdong has built up a huge batch of joint projects that provide the province with new motivation.

Governor Ma Xingrui also pointed out that forty years after the implementation of the Reform and Opening-Up Policy, Guangdong is now one of the areas with the strongest economy and the most robust open economy in China. Now it has come to an important period in which Guangdong can accelerate its transformation and development. To achieve this goal, Guangdong has to implement President Xi’s instruction by implementing innovation-driven development strategy. In detail, Guangdong has to focus on enhancing technological innovation capability, planning to develop emerging industries, promoting the integration of supply chain, financial chain and innovation chain and creating a world-renowned business environment. Besides, Guangdong also needs to aggregate high-end elements in different fields, to promote integrated development of industry, finance and technology, to revitalize traditional momentum and to accelerate new momentum. Guangdong welcomes new concepts and ideas from the advisors, and will combine their suggestions with instructions from the CPC Central Committee in order to solve problems and realize goals. Also, to let the market play its decisive role in resource allocation and to improve the function of the government, Guangdong Government will take more substantive steps in reforming the government at all level, improving market access, constructing a new relationship between the government and businesses, establishing digital government and creating a business environment that is market-oriented, globalized and ruled by law. To fulfill these objectives, Guangdong Province is willing to further strengthen the cooperation between advisory organizations and itself, so that win-win development can be achieved.

Aiming at aggregating global high-end elements, promoting integrated development of industry, finance and technology and increasing the global competitiveness of Guangdong Province, advisors proposed various kinds of suggestions during the conference, including promoting industrial upgrade through digitalization, leveraging international capital market, developing financial services and healthcare, establishing intelligent Greater Bay Area, etc. The proposals discussed new technologies, integrated development of technology and finance and the influence of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area on the transformation and development of Guangdong.

Mr. Lin Shaochun, Mr. Xu Ruisheng, Mr. Huang Ningsheng and other principals of relevant Provincial Government Units, Mr. Wen Guohui, Mayor of Guangzhou and Mr. Chen Rugui, Mayor of Shenzhen, also attended the meeting.

(Written by: Wu Zhe, Fu Xin; Edited by Chen Qiao)

Editor: Monica Liu

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